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Afzender: Daryl - zondag, 4 april 2021 om 12:13

Please can you send me the greenhouse template, I really love all of your videos on YouTube and I would love to try to cut out this greenhouse. Happy Easter Papergirl you are the best.

Afzender: steph - woensdag, 17 maart 2021 om 14:01

sorry to trouble you but where can i find the slice form templates please.
thank you in advance regards Steph

Afzender: Jong - maandag, 15 februari 2021 om 14:11

Hebt u een patroon van de paper snow clobe sliceform. Is deze te koop? ik zou hem nl heel graag willen maken.
vr gr H.

Afzender: Mindy Shapiro - maandag, 23 november 2020 om 20:13

I love your site and your work. I did not see a link for the heart and wonder if you can send it to me? Also, I am president of the Guild of American Papercutters which is really international. Check us out Maybe you want to join. Would love to feature you in our ejournal. Look forward to hearing back.

Afzender: Jl - maandag, 10 augustus 2020 om 5:28

Hi: I loved your work of the rocket. Unfortunately, the website that you linked to for the template is no longer active. Do you have any way to help me down load the template? I would love to make it. Many thanks!

Afzender: Rhona - maandag, 25 mei 2020 om 18:52

Hello, I've been watching your videos, and I want to say I'm so glad that there is someone sharing how to make papermatrix patterns. I struggle to follow their instructions. I was wondering if I could convince you to do a video of weaving the onion dome box? I'd like that very much!

Afzender: Marie-José de Zeeuw - donderdag, 16 april 2020 om 22:27

Hallo Dutchpapergirl,

Wat een intrigerende objecten maakt u. Heel mooi!

Sinds twee weken ben ik bezig met origami vouwen en kwam een van uw projecten tegen:
origami - modular - action origami - firework. Op Pinterest. Nu heb ik braaf de instructie gevolgd van uw filmpje, maar omdat ik nog niet heel bedreven ben in deze vouwkunst, kom ik in de laatste fase waar ik deze 'firework' in elkaar moet passen een probleem tegen. Het in elkaar zetten van de hele cirkel lukt nog. Alleen het omvouwen van de hoekjes is een probleem. Uw video geeft hier geen beelden van, maar ik zou het toch heel leuk vinden als me dit ook gaat lukken. Kunt u me wat tips of een instructiefilmpje sturen? Dan kan ik 'm afmaken. Dat zou een overwinning op mezelf betekenen.

Ik hoop van u te horen.
Hartelijke groet,
Marie-José de Zeeuw

Afzender: Haniya - maandag, 3 februari 2020 om 13:35

Hello,I really love your's really cool... thanks for making video tutorials...I have followed along and it made it so much easier...I'm really interested in this field,paper cutting, paper folding, origami, kirigami, etc... I wanted to know how you to got into this???
I really want to pursue this field but I don't know where to start? Is there anything you know that you can help me out with?!
Thank you so much :)

Afzender: Tiph - vrijdag, 13 december 2019 om 12:24

Hello there! My husband has recently discovered paper folding, kusudama, etc. And he is particularly interested in Richard Sweeney's art.He himself retro-engineered one of the designs he aw on a picture. I have found your YouTube video called "fractal - Richard Sweeney - modular origami - tutorial - dutchpapergirl". Thank you very much for sharing!There is a mention that the pattern is on your website, but when I searched your website, there is only the link to the YouTube video. I was wondering if you have the template somewhere. I would love to add this to my husband's Christmas paper-related presents, if ever you have it available somewhere.Please do let me know!Thank you so much in advance, and have a lovely end of year,Tiph

Afzender: Kim Nguyen - zondag, 18 augustus 2019 om 10:04

Dear Dutchpapergirl!Finally i found your page! Long time ago i was searching for a 3D heart template and found yours. I love this so much and i´m dreaming about to get a freelancer one day.I have studied Design with focus on graphic design and photographie.I used your template to fill in the pieces with photos. The result was amazing and i did it for my friends as a gift. I want to be secure with the german law. So you are the author of the template. Are you interested in my "project"? Is it possibile to have your ok/ full rights to use your template for my possible project? The way to fullfill is very long.. i have to search for a webdesigner. But first i have to start with your template :) I hope to hear from you soon - if you are curious, i can send you some pictures of the heart :)Have a nice weekend!Greetings from Germany,Kim :) :)

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