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 Gastenboek Wim's Badge and Patch Collection 

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Afzender: rahul - woensdag, 3 oktober 2018 om 12:54

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Afzender: Parkin Y. - zondag, 12 april 2015 om 6:16

It is a very nice collection! But there are a little mistake of the patches from Hong Kong Taiwan and Thailand.. In the Hong Kong section the third patch has a boat, it is belongs to Taiwan, as you can see there is a Taiwan flag at the end of the boat! In the Taiwan section, the third and fourth patch are not from Taiwan, the third patch is the highway police of Thailand, and the fourth one's language is not in Chinese, so I have no clue

Afzender: Daniel E. Parkey - woensdag, 25 september 2013 om 22:26

Hi, Wim:

I would like to send you some patches as a possible trade for your Missouri Department of Public Safety patch. They are Missouri State Water Patrol, Mo. State Park Ranger, Mo.Cap. P.D. Could you send me your postal address so that I can send them to you to look at & see if you would like to trade. I recently retired from Jackson County Sheriff Dept. after 32 years on a medical retirement. I would love to hear from you.

Sincerely, Dan Parkey, Retired Sergeant JCSD

Afzender: Mike Bailey - donderdag, 14 juni 2012 om 21:41

Excellant site! Very interesting.

Afzender: dieter - zondag, 6 mei 2012 om 20:56

tolle seitem,weiter sogrussdidi

Afzender: Brian Roes - maandag, 6 februari 2012 om 20:39

Mooie site maar ik heb wat moeite met de knop contact...Ik zag dat u een mützensterne uit Berlijn op de tradelist had staan. Indien u deze zou willen ruilen tegen een zelfde van Rheinland-Pfalz, graag! Vr gr Brian.

Afzender: geer de Jager - maandag, 9 januari 2012 om 20:41

Elke keer als ik je website bekijk,gaat hij alleen maar mooier worden.
Hoop dat we er nog lang van mogen genieten Wim en Kathy veel succes en vooral door blijven gaan

Afzender: Dean - maandag, 31 januari 2011 om 20:11


Kunt u mij vertellen hoe en waar ik aan 2 batches kan komen van de NYPD (police department city of new york) de gewone nypd regular patch dus 2x. Ik heb reeds op uw links gekeken maar op die sites zijn ze niet leverbaar mer.

Mvg Dean

Afzender: Sgt. Joseph Borda - dinsdag, 6 juli 2010 om 12:22

Well done. You have a very nice home page. I hope we will be able to do some trading.
Please take a look at my home page, and while there don't forget to sign my new guest book.
take care

Sgt. Joeph Borda [Ret]
Malta Police

Afzender: Chuck - zondag, 14 maart 2010 om 5:09

You have what appears to me to be a very nice and extensive patch collections. I'm a retired police officer and enjoy seeing the vast variety of American police patches, as well as those from other counties. You have apparently put time, effort and money into your on-line display. I am somewhat confused as to why you would mar the appearance of your display by printing the address of your web site across the patches.

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