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Afzender: moni egger - zaterdag, 21 juni 2014 om 19:10

Dear Iris van Zanten
Your work is very inspiring. Your paintings of Mary are not sweet and simple, they stick in mind and rise questions. This is why we would like very much to publish your maria lactans (the one without 'baby') in the next issue of FAMA (swiss feminist-theologian journal). We are going to illustrate the hole issue with diffrent paintings of maria lactans.
If this is ok for you: Could you mail me a printable foto of the maria? We dont have a big budget, because we produce FAMA by volunteer work. But we could pay you something for the publishing right.
thanks a lot
Moni Egger

p.s. The issue will be produced by 10th of july 2014

Afzender: Tina Antonelli - dinsdag, 11 december 2012 om 22:46

Hello, my name is Tina Antonelli and I am an italian therapyst and I work with pregnant women. I am going to organize a workshop on Maternity and Divinity, so I would really like to use one of your immages of the Virgo Lactans for my brochure of the workshop. Can you give me the authorization for that? It would be great to share your beautifull work with other women. I will write the name of the artist on the brochure of course. Please let me know if that is ok with you. Thank you very much. Tina Antonelli

Afzender: RABI - dinsdag, 31 augustus 2010 om 18:27

how can i get the virgin mary statue ? .

Afzender: MariaL. - zondag, 5 juli 2009 om 4:26

Very nice site. Thanks.

Afzender: Martin - dinsdag, 27 november 2007 om 23:07

what a wonderfull Website about
the Holy Mary, Mother of God,
thank you.

Afzender: Joda van der Leest - maandag, 6 maart 2006 om 14:41

Hallo Iris ik vind dit wel een hele moeilijke
ingewikkelde les. Hopelijk doen dit item nog
wel een paar keer. Joda

Afzender: Marthy - zondag, 13 november 2005 om 4:21

Mooie website, kwam hem ineens tegen op internet, soms weet je gewoon niet wat je ziet.
Hartelijke groet van Marthy.

Afzender: kniertjekniertjedevries - dinsdag, 8 november 2005 om 20:25

wat een mooi gasten boek Met die gezellige gouden rand En leuk dat er zo veel mensen in je boek hebben gereageerd K

Afzender: Francis - zondag, 21 augustus 2005 om 14:27


Dear my Brothers and Sisters,

I made the medal of our Lady of Akita in Japan.
Please click it.

God Bless and Peace with You!
Thy kingdom come!

Sincerely yours in Jesus Christ the Savior,

Afzender: ank van zanten - dinsdag, 26 juli 2005 om 19:08

Je Website bekeken. Heel interessant en wat een werk.Heel knap!
Liefs tante Ank

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