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Afzender: John Rushby - zondag, 18 januari 2015 om 16:38

Haven't ever been so excited and motivated by any other origami site, and I've been on not a few. Congratulations! Love your vision.

Afzender: evelien mielekamp - woensdag, 7 januari 2015 om 14:43

Hallo Anne,Door oa jou heb ik een hobby ontwikkkeld die ik kan uitvoeren ondanks dat ik afgekeurd ben. Voor mij na breien en haken een ernstige verslaving geworden. Ik moet mijn armen handen gebruiken omdat het anders verkrampt. Dank. Ps Kijk maar eens op Intuition paperart op facebook.

Commentaar van de webmaster:

Hoi Anne, heb je het bericht voor iemand anders bedoeld of heb je je vergist in mijn naam?

Afzender: Daniel Gamer - zondag, 4 januari 2015 om 20:52

Hi Linda!
I love your website and your youtube channel. Your tutorials are very inspiring for me. I already have built some paper automata and origami architecture.

Do you already know the "Gear´s Heart?"
It´s an amazing paperautomata. I tried to build it, need weeks of time, but no success :-(
You find it at youtube (Author: girigirou)

Can you answer me the following questions:
"sliceform - pop-up - the world within (Masahiro Chatani)" in which book of chatani can I find the patterns?
How do you transmit the round lines of the patterns to the target paper? To copy it is not so good, because you will see the lines...

Best regards,

Afzender: Rose Mankowski - zaterdag, 20 september 2014 om 21:32

You are incredibly talented and generous to share your technique and art work. Thank you.

Afzender: Litza Juhasz - zondag, 27 juli 2014 om 20:20

Dear Dutch Paper Girl,I am looking for ways to interpret the Vasarely Collection for the visually impaired and would like to use geometric origami…maybe pop up paper folding as well. Can I ask you for some advice?I live in Budapest. Thanks, litza

Afzender: Sandra Smolinsky - donderdag, 17 april 2014 om 7:37

I got my heptahexaflexagon to flex all the way! I am truly inspired by you. Your instructions are excellent!

Afzender: Sandra Smolinsky - maandag, 14 april 2014 om 7:41

What kind of paper did you use for your heptahexaflexagon? Thank you. I admire your work very much.

Afzender: mohamed tijani - zondag, 13 april 2014 om 14:34

i Mohamed from Morocco.teacher and artist. interested in lot of art betwin them paper arts. i visit today your web site. its great and amazing. and inspirating deeply. thanks for all those works and hope to heard from you soon. sincerly Mohamed

Afzender: Victoria Petersen Amargos - maandag, 17 februari 2014 om 23:43

Hello Dutch Paper girl.
I just found your site and I LOVE IT!! such beautiful work and you have a real sensitivity to the paper, colour and shapes. Keep up the good work! all the best
Denmark and Spain

Afzender: alan snow - donderdag, 12 december 2013 om 19:52

Dear Dutch Paper Girl, I am looking for help with a design for a ice cream wrapper. This is an ice on a stick and I would like to make wrapper that is a closed flower, that opens to reveal the ice and than act a a drip collector for the ice cream. If this would be of interest to you please do email me. Many thanks alan

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