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Afzender: Wendy - zondag, 3 mei 2015 om 21:57

Hi where can I download the template of twisting candy wrap? Thank you

Afzender: Vaulson - zondag, 26 april 2015 om 8:16

when will you upload the pattern for the hermes bag

Afzender: Briana wicce - woensdag, 15 april 2015 om 12:40

Hello Dutch Paper Girl! Greetings from Brazil! Just loved your new site! Wish you totaly success! Keep going!

Afzender: Pahel Jagtap - woensdag, 15 april 2015 om 12:10

Please could you send me the pattern for the swan automata. I am a big fan of your crafts, automata, paper toys and also your website

Afzender: Pahel Jagtap - woensdag, 15 april 2015 om 12:02

Please could you send me the pattern for the swan automata

Afzender: merik - zaterdag, 11 april 2015 om 11:59

hi mom,
nice website with a good lay out, wel done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afzender: merik - zaterdag, 11 april 2015 om 11:57

hi mom,
nice website with a good lay out, nice job!!!!!!!

Afzender: Cris Snuggerud - maandag, 16 februari 2015 om 16:07

Thank you so very much for creating this website! I've seem to have fallen in love with paper art since last Halloween. I live in Thailand, and Halloween decorations are impossible to find-same with nice looking Christmas decorations. I wanted a Jack-o-lantern. I have a very limited budget for decorations. So, I googled Jack-o-lantern decorations DIY and found cute paper Jack-o-Lanterns. They were easy to do, and turned out very well. So, for Christmas, I decided that I wanted some snowmen decorations. Well, the search for what I had in mind led me to a honeycomb heart shape tutorial. I thought that I could use a snowman shape instead of a heart and make a snowman honeycomb ornament. It worked out wonderfully well! Since then, I've been hooked on paper art. I really wanted to try Kirigami, but couldn't find any tutorials that actually showed how to do it. Then I found yours on YouTube and found my way to your awesome website. I can't wait to try out some of your patterns. Once again thank you so very much for making this awesome website! Sorry for sending you such a long message :)

Afzender: John Rushby - zondag, 18 januari 2015 om 16:38

Haven't ever been so excited and motivated by any other origami site, and I've been on not a few. Congratulations! Love your vision.

Afzender: evelien mielekamp - woensdag, 7 januari 2015 om 14:43

Hallo Anne,Door oa jou heb ik een hobby ontwikkkeld die ik kan uitvoeren ondanks dat ik afgekeurd ben. Voor mij na breien en haken een ernstige verslaving geworden. Ik moet mijn armen handen gebruiken omdat het anders verkrampt. Dank. Ps Kijk maar eens op Intuition paperart op facebook.

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