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Afzender: Bruno Sinnah - dinsdag, 21 november 2017 om 17:23

Hello , I have found your very interesting youtube channel about paper. I would like to introduce myself. I am a 3D artist from France. I love paper sculpture and today I propose DIY papercraft Template for people who want to mount themselves a sculpture.
I know your passion for paper and I thought that maybe you should be interested to test one of my Papercraft for your channel? If yes, it will be a pleasure to send you a papercraft of your choice to test it.
My DIY Papercrafts are visible on my Etsy shop.
These are sculptures that can reach the size of 39.5inch/100cm that hangs on the wall. They are easily achievable with simple A4/Letter pages and a printer. If you need more informations it will be a pleasure to tell you more.
Kind regards.

Afzender: Elise Mellman - maandag, 6 november 2017 om 1:51

I am a party planner and I am doing a party where the theme is Gucci. My center piece Idea is to have the Gucci snake wrapping around a pole using the cardboard that wrapping paper is rolled on. I was wondering if you could make me 6 of your moving snakes to wrapping around my poles creating a 24 inch snake when wrapped. I need it to be red with a white /blank / white stripe like the GUCCI snake. Can you do them and how much would you want for them? If you can when could I have 6of them finished by? I live in Cooper City Florida. Let me know. Thanks!

Commentaar van de webmaster:

Hi, I donít know if you nitced my name: dutchpapergirl... iI live in the Netherlands. You are in the usa. Not very concenient, i guess...

Afzender: Brian Mc Swiney - maandag, 30 oktober 2017 om 23:34

Hi Dutchpapergirl,If you every want to try any of my paper craft models just let me know and I will send them to you. Thanks,Brian

Afzender: Vinayak Kalushe - zondag, 15 oktober 2017 om 15:57

I would like to buy Ferris wheel card can you help me.
Someone's birthday is coming on 26th October please reply me as soon as possible

Afzender: Aleksandra - zondag, 10 september 2017 om 17:58

Hey I was watching your video about the fractal kusudama (Richard Sweeney's fractal) and I was wondering if that's an actual fractal, I want to now because I'm doing an assignment about fractals but I'm not sure about this one.
Even though your video was helpful.
That's for sharing

Afzender: Remco Duckers - zaterdag, 29 juli 2017 om 1:39

Hoi,Ik zag je werk en dacht dat het een goed idee was om je te informeren over Steemit. is een social media platform dat opereert op de blockchain. Ze betalen de gebruikers van het platform voor hun inspanningen naar gelang de content. Ze betalen in cryptos die je weer kunt omwisselen naar euro's of dollars. Vooral mensen met goede vlogs/ blogs verdienen er een leuk extratje en zelfs ik, die maar gewoon wat zelfgemaakte foto's post, heb toch al op 2 maanden een waarde van 100$ bij elkaar. Die waarde fluctueert door de marktwerking in de crypto currency markt. Ik hoop dat je Steemit het voordeel van de twijfel gunt en het daar misschien wel net zo leuk gaat vinden als vele anderen.Met vriendelijke groeten,Remco Duckers

Afzender: Alan Davidson - zondag, 18 juni 2017 om 0:07

How can I buy a "pop-up" penguin?

Afzender: Joseph Koskie - woensdag, 14 juni 2017 om 1:53

Are you working on the clock?????????????

Afzender: Karen white - dinsdag, 13 juni 2017 om 10:46

I have seen a video of your pop up animals. Do you sell these?

Afzender: Jaimie - maandag, 12 juni 2017 om 13:37

Hi there, I have been searching for the jumping, pop up paper Pingu (children cartoon character). I come across your YouTube video's and thought I would try and contact you. I am wondering if you 1. Make this popup character?2. If so, are these available for sale?3. Do you ship to Australia?4. How much would these be?Thank you. I'll wait to hear back from you.Jaimie

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