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Afzender: Elma schenkelaars - maandag, 8 oktober 2018 om 18:04

Ik kan je patroon van de triskele globes niet vinden op je site.Kun je me hem digitaal sturen?DankGroet Elma

Afzender: Gerbert de Ruiter - maandag, 9 juli 2018 om 14:44

Hi Linda, ik ben je mailadres kwijt :-) ik zag dat je een prachtig filmpje had gemaakt over Olivier. Nu zijn we zelf ook bezig met het aan elkaar knopen van door ons geschoten materiaal en ik zou graag een paar beelden die jij hebt geschoten daarin verwerken. is dat ok wat jou betreft?GroetjesGerbert

Afzender: Marc - maandag, 26 maart 2018 om 4:46

O hiy there, Love your website. Just wondering what kind (brand/model) paper cutter do you use for your prints? I am wondering what is the easiest to use way to get the prints from sliceform cut out. Sorry if this is somewhere on your website. I watched some movies but didn't find it..Bedankt

Afzender: Margaret Ogilvie - woensdag, 21 maart 2018 om 1:53

Hi I have watched your video of popup plane no 22 I would like to make it but having difficulty getting the pattern. Are you able to help? Thanks Margaret

Afzender: Charles Santee - zaterdag, 24 februari 2018 om 0:32

Hello Again,You may contact me at Firstfold@comcast.netCharles Santee

Afzender: Charles Santee - zaterdag, 24 februari 2018 om 0:28

Hi,My name is Charles Santee but am known online as "Firstfold". We share many similar interests (look for the Best of Firstfold with Google). My wife and I will be in Amsterdam in May for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Don't know if this is possible but are there origami related contacts that I might look up during our very short stay?Thank You,Charles Santee

Afzender: Connie - zondag, 4 februari 2018 om 15:22

Hello! I have been in love with fish dance for YEARS but cannot find the book anywhere. Would you consider sharing the instructions with me since you own this wonderful book "Origami Goes World famous buildings", Masahiro Chatani? I'd be so very appreciative. My husband's best friend is an avid fisherman and I'd love to make fish dance for him in his birthday card. Thank you so much for considering my request.

Afzender: Machika Harada - dinsdag, 2 januari 2018 om 8:04

I want to make swan Please teach me how to make swan

Afzender: Bruno Sinnah - dinsdag, 21 november 2017 om 17:23

Hello , I have found your very interesting youtube channel about paper. I would like to introduce myself. I am a 3D artist from France. I love paper sculpture and today I propose DIY papercraft Template for people who want to mount themselves a sculpture.
I know your passion for paper and I thought that maybe you should be interested to test one of my Papercraft for your channel? If yes, it will be a pleasure to send you a papercraft of your choice to test it.
My DIY Papercrafts are visible on my Etsy shop.
These are sculptures that can reach the size of 39.5inch/100cm that hangs on the wall. They are easily achievable with simple A4/Letter pages and a printer. If you need more informations it will be a pleasure to tell you more.
Kind regards.

Afzender: Elise Mellman - maandag, 6 november 2017 om 1:51

I am a party planner and I am doing a party where the theme is Gucci. My center piece Idea is to have the Gucci snake wrapping around a pole using the cardboard that wrapping paper is rolled on. I was wondering if you could make me 6 of your moving snakes to wrapping around my poles creating a 24 inch snake when wrapped. I need it to be red with a white /blank / white stripe like the GUCCI snake. Can you do them and how much would you want for them? If you can when could I have 6of them finished by? I live in Cooper City Florida. Let me know. Thanks!

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Hi, I donít know if you nitced my name: dutchpapergirl... iI live in the Netherlands. You are in the usa. Not very concenient, i guess...

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