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Afzender: Ryan - vrijdag, 24 juni 2011 om 13:56

I wanted to know about the pop- up animals..

Afzender: Hans Walraven - vrijdag, 17 juni 2011 om 21:01


Afzender: Vivian - vrijdag, 10 juni 2011 om 5:31

i really like all of ur stuff!!!! it is amazing!!! i have a qestion, do u have the template for the life tree 3D card? becaus i want to make that for a frd of mine. thx

Afzender: max - maandag, 6 juni 2011 om 10:19

Im in Australia and i am really interested in your youtube video Jumping, pop-up animals. i would really love to make this papercraft. do you have a template or something? maybe a book i could buy?

Afzender: Zach - zaterdag, 4 juni 2011 om 18:35

Can i have the pattern for the dragon? Please reply.

Afzender: James - maandag, 30 mei 2011 om 7:17

Hello! I was just looking at the "jumping pop up animals" and it said "want to make one? Sign my guestbook!"

I would like to make one! Do you have a template?

Afzender: Richard - zaterdag, 28 mei 2011 om 17:42


I am quite interested in making one of your jumping, pop-up animals an on your website it said if we wanted to make one we should leave a message on your guest book,


Afzender: Fabiana - vrijdag, 13 mei 2011 om 20:54

I would like to purchase the template jumping dragon to make an invite to my daughter birthday. Is it possible? Thanks. Fabiana

Afzender: HyeRyun, Yun - woensdag, 4 mei 2011 om 9:29

Hi, I'm Hyeryun, Korean.I'm interested in your working, specially,Jumping_frog. I'd like to make it for my sun.he is 5 years old. can i receive the file?

Afzender: james (jugope) - woensdag, 27 april 2011 om 19:06

can i have a pop up dragon please can you make it b&w

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