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Afzender: Santosh Deshpande - vrijdag, 9 augustus 2019 om 19:10

Your web site is wonderful..full of inspiration and ideas..thank you so's really awesome!
Best regards..........Santosh

Afzender: Mary Sandau - zondag, 23 juni 2019 om 3:28

Hello,Were you able to find the greenhouse sliceform pattern? I am on summer break from school and would like to try to make it. Would you be able to send it please? Thank you in advance.

Afzender: Olavo - zondag, 7 april 2019 om 20:16

Hey DutchPaperGirl! I'm a 3D enthusiastic for a long time. I tried some stuff with paper years ago and just found your channel last 2 years. Your content inspired me to try harder and I just finished my first serious pepakura after some months modeling and testing. I want to send to you a sample and get your feedback, but I'm 100% aware about the effort, time and material it takes to build, so take a look at ( and, if you're really interested, let me know and I'll send you the PDF.

Afzender: Jason Green - donderdag, 4 april 2019 om 18:17

I have a few questions.
1- do you have other files for the 3d facet animals?
2- how are the files created?
3- what program is used to change an image to 3d facets?

Afzender: Mary - maandag, 25 februari 2019 om 15:18

I have tried your flexagons and want to try other paper projects. I watched your sliceform greenhouse you tube video. Are you able to send the pattern for me to cut out and try please? Thank you, Mary

Afzender: Anastasia - dinsdag, 8 januari 2019 om 13:21

Op zoek naar een eenzame passieve man, een man voor een geheime ontmoeting of voor consistentie of een serieuze relatie, vrouwelijk liefdevolle lingerie of die het wil proberen met alle gevolgen van dien! Je moet gezond, schoon, zelfvoorzienend zijn, zonder materiele en financiele problemen!

Afzender: Jop - maandag, 31 december 2018 om 14:22


Ik wil iemand een low poly papieren dieren hoofd geven. Of gewoon een dier. Wat kost het als je er een maakt?

Groet jop

Afzender: Luis Obregon - donderdag, 20 december 2018 om 21:06

Hello!I'm Luis from the YouTube channel Un Poco de Todo. I really enjoyed your video "moving snake" and would absolutely love to feature it in one of our upcoming videos. We would of course credit you with a watermark and a link to your channel/account or video (whichever you prefer) in the video description. We would use a maximum of 40 seconds of your video and would use it in combination with a few other videos from different creators. The idea is to give our viewers only a small taste of your content so that they can later go to your channel/account and watch more of it there. The aim of our channel is to expose our viewers to content we find interesting, fun or educational. Please notice that our videos are monetized, so we do make a small profit from them.There is also a small chance that we might have to swap the audio from the original video, if it includes copyrighted soundtracks or songs.If you would like to give us permission to use your video on Youtube please respond to this email. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions.Thanks for your time.Best regards,Luis.

Afzender: Chris - vrijdag, 9 november 2018 om 5:59

Hi Dutchpapergirl,I come across your 3d faced owl pattern. It is brilliant but the link to the pattern is not accessable. May I ask if you can provide a pdf pattern of your ed faced owl. Thank you in advance.Cheers,Chris

Afzender: Susan - woensdag, 7 november 2018 om 19:24

Hello! Beautiful work! Where do I find the downloadable patterns on your website?

Thank you,

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