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Afzender: John Von Draugr - zondag, 24 juni 2007 om 9:03

I have been playing your Heroquest game on and off now for a few years or so. Everytime I load it up, I get addicted to it all over again. You have done GREAT work!

I do have some ideas that I'd like to mention. I hope you don't mind.

1. Have you ever thought about making a computer version of TSR's boardgame "Dungeon"? It is similar to HerosQuest. I love Dungeon, but sadly, have not seen a computer version of that game. There was an old Apple IIe version, but I'd love to see a modern remake with the same excellence in design as your HeroQuest program.

2. Any thoughts on adding more tiles and art work to HQ? Might be cool to be able to add new and exciting monsters.


Commentaar van de webmaster:

Thank you John!

1) this would be the game you are talking about:
looks interesting, Not a square grid of the board though. I will read the rules maybe will find interesting ideas.
Though don't count on me doing another game soon...
Heroquest took enough hours as it is and needs plenty more ;)
2) I have got some ideas, like adding trees and some other furniture. The enemies could use some variety in behaviour too, indeed.

Afzender: Annemieke - zaterdag, 14 april 2007 om 21:17

Hoi Ik je tekeningen gezien.. Ze zijn echt mooi! Ik hou zelf ook van tekenen en schilderen en van sprookjes en elven e.d. Maar ik ben er jammer genoeg niet zó goed in.. Nou ik wilde eigenlijk alleen maar zeggen dat ze Geweldig zijn!!

Nou groetjes Annemieke

Afzender: Stephen - dinsdag, 13 maart 2007 om 22:58

I'm completely addicted to your Heroquest game, I think it's absolutely superb. This kind of turn-based dungeon-crawler is just my cup of tea (I play a lot of Roguelikes). Indeed, if you expanded it to include more varied equipment (and maybe shops along the way inside the dungeons), and implemented magic and ranged attacks... ooh, and a larger capacity scrollable map...

Heh, I'm fantasising but that would be pretty near my dream game :D

Keep up the good work!

Afzender: Pepijn - donderdag, 1 maart 2007 om 14:01

Hee, ik ben Pepijn en ik ben een fantasy/mideleeuwen MMORPG aan het maken en mijn vraag is zouden wij jou tekening van dat kasteel mogen gebruiken en bewerken en zou je ons misschien willen helpen met meer artwork je komt natuurlijk wel in de credits stuur me een mail met je besluit a.u.b.

Afzender: John - dinsdag, 20 februari 2007 om 18:19

Just tried works! No problem now. Btw, it's a really great game man. Gratz!

Afzender: John - dinsdag, 20 februari 2007 om 5:27

i just read a comment of a guy with almost the same problem (his is with hquest.gpf), so i tried what you said, checking folders and unzipping again, but still with the same problem.

Commentaar van de webmaster:

I see, I wonder if you also have this problem when using the work in progress version. could you try that.

Afzender: John - dinsdag, 20 februari 2007 om 5:20

I've downloaded the (version 2.08e) file, unzipped everything on the same folder and when when i execute the hquest.exe, after a small amount of time and all the screen had went black i get the following message:
fatal error while loading hquest.qpf

(i use windows xp)

Afzender: JiggyPiggy - zondag, 11 februari 2007 om 8:49

Your drawings are awesome! I like the black drawings on the brown paper, without extra color the best. Very well done.

I first came to your site because of HeroQuest. I have the board game and love it. Your computer version is fun, but I do not understand why people keep saying it is so much like the original. Your version is a lot of fun and professionally done, but quite different from the board game.

Afzender: Carcará - zaterdag, 3 februari 2007 om 1:04

HA HA HA HA Now thats work!!!!!

Now i can play!! And the barbarian is dead...again...i love this game!

Afzender: Onne - vrijdag, 2 februari 2007 om 20:07

Your HeroQuest is marvelous. It is not only an adaption of the board game but much better. The editor is really good, too. I bow low, particularly because I tried to run the old HeroQuest on WinXP and had to accept that it would not work (and I can not install an emulator because it is not really my but my companies computer I am playing on). Thanks for the effort you must have put in this game.


I like the Tom Green Picture on your start-page

Afzender: Carcará - vrijdag, 2 februari 2007 om 11:29

...I love Hero quest, but i only can get this: "Sound error: failed to init digital sound driver Optionally disable sound though hquest.cfg"
Any idea? (sorry for the poor english)

Commentaar van de webmaster:

Okay, what is suggested is to open the file hquest.cfg with notepad or another text editor.
then where it reads "sound = 1" make it "sound = 0".
Pleasy try that, If unsuccesful email me and I will see if I can make it easier.

Afzender: Toni - zaterdag, 13 januari 2007 om 18:15

When i try to play Hero Quest all i get is this:
"Fatal error while loading Hquest.gpf"
What's up with this?!

Commentaar van de webmaster:

In the past I did get a few mails from people with the same trouble. Usually it meant that the folder structure of the game was not as it should be: data files should be in the hquest2\data folder, quests in the hquest2\quests folder. please verify if this is the case, If not make the folders yourself or try to download and extract the game package again.

Afzender: Mike - donderdag, 21 december 2006 om 5:55

Wow this very cool place. I love the fantacy story very much. I couldn't get lots of this kind informaiton in Taiwan, but I find this page now. I am very cjurious. How did you learn the drawing. can you share some experince to me.

Afzender: Crash Override9207 - woensdag, 13 december 2006 om 2:51

Hi! I love HeroQuest and I absolutely love your game (It is SO much better than HQ: The game master on another website) do you think you can add a cards option that were in the board games like magic spells and treasure cards? Do you think you can integrate JC's version with yours? (The ability to add the option of choosing what magic spells you would like for the Wizard before starting the quest and letting the elF choose after what is left.

The game is awesome! I hope to see what the game would look like when it is completed.


Afzender: Andrew - maandag, 11 december 2006 om 11:09

Kudos on the HeroQuest game mate, I used to play that back when I was about 11 years old. Did a great job. Also cool pics, both the military pics and the drawings. So yeah, a big thank you from New York City.

Afzender: Mike - woensdag, 11 oktober 2006 om 17:51

HeroQuest is such a great game
BUT on newest version and Karsten additional quests where hero's exit through "invisible" stairs, the stairs only work for the first hero which enters them. The rest of bunch seem to be stuck forever and quest cannot get completed

Afzender: Jesse - donderdag, 20 juli 2006 om 9:46

Being a longtime fan of HeroQuest, I absolutely love this!!! It's not exactly like the boardgame, but it's incredibly close! I can't wait to see some of the other quests! You are awesome!!!

Afzender: Glenni - maandag, 12 juni 2006 om 0:57

Salut Gb, un grand merci de France pour ton hero quest je te soutien dans ton projet et j'espere que tu l'ameliorera au maximum :). (sorry for french ) @+

Afzender: poofygog - donderdag, 1 juni 2006 om 12:42

Hello GB, your heroquest is a really good with the true rules of the authentic game. Really exciting! I am actually in search of allegro project developpement and really interested to know how this game is build. Perhaps could we work together! A three dimension project could be a good idea, don't you think.

Afzender: Jack - vrijdag, 28 april 2006 om 18:12

Hi , thanks for your Heroquest, is wonderful! i want signal to you an error .
The Wizard can't kill the undead if the undead have 1 or more mind points.
thanks for your game! :-)

Afzender: Robert Staun Søndergaard - dinsdag, 25 april 2006 om 11:40


I really admire your drawings, very much the same effect I aspire to obtain in my own. Please post more! They serve as great inspiration!

- Rob

PS: Also thanks for yor excellent cards for heroquest (illustrations)!

Afzender: Magnus the Bright - woensdag, 8 maart 2006 om 13:53

Cool site, especially the Heroquest game. Great graphics, excellent interface and challenging difficulty. Only the spells are missing.<br>Keep up the good work!<br><br>

Afzender: h de waal - maandag, 6 maart 2006 om 22:19

Ga zo door met je pagina.<br>Succes H. de Waal uit Weert.

Afzender: Bob - dinsdag, 7 februari 2006 om 10:20

Nice site! <br><br>Its hard to find the right links to post in English though, lol. I played the ´Hero Quest game, and It's really awesome! <br><br>keep up the great work!

Afzender: Wouter Wijbrans - maandag, 16 januari 2006 om 12:29

Heroquest, dat was een tijd geleden !
Leuk gedaan !

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