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Afzender: HellFeet - zaterdag, 26 april 2008 om 10:54

Hey, alles goed?? Wanneer ga je naar v2.08I (of hoger) updaten??


Afzender: Drathe - vrijdag, 28 maart 2008 om 16:19

Your HeroQuest PC game is fantastic, and your artwork is even more incredible. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more!

Afzender: HellFeet - maandag, 24 maart 2008 om 10:01

Ok. Had seen that (the nont functional yet) but i thought it was just something that wasn't removed during your last update of the game. It's a shame, but something i can live with atm. (Although some of the player-made quests are just too difficult by far without the use of spells) Any idea on when this will work? Don't want to rush you into things, but I just really love to play your version of the HQ game. It by far most represents the actual bg that I so love to play .

Is there anything we (the players) can do to help you??

Greetings HellFeet
(Groeten uit Hellevoetsluis)

Afzender: HellFeet - zondag, 23 maart 2008 om 13:37

Hmmm, encountered more spells that don't work. The [Genie] for example. Both healing spells don't work either. Is the problem a known one??

Commentaar van de webmaster:

I am afraid spells don't work yet, only the spell selection and targeting work in the work-in-progress version. The spell selection menu displays 'not functional' on the top.

Afzender: HellFeet - zaterdag, 22 maart 2008 om 23:05

Great thing you've done creating the HQ game. One question tho. I've come up with a problem that the healings spell get cast but don't heal the actual damage. Anyone else got this problem??

Working on a series of quests of my own now. Will send them to you when the campaign is done.


Greetings HellFeet (Hellevoet-sluis )

Afzender: David Innes - zaterdag, 15 maart 2008 om 21:01

Hello again; Gerwin; thanks for your help. I've managed to increase the content level and modify objects in the hquest.qpf file. However, I still can't get the frozen monsters (side 6, I think) or the Ogres to show up in the "generate content" editor. Is there something in the "dungeon" section of hquest.cfg (or in hquest.qpf) that I can modify to get them in? Thanks again!

Afzender: David Innes - vrijdag, 14 maart 2008 om 0:02

Greetings from Canada! I love this HeroQuest program and I am wondering how to include all the monsters (frozen & ogres, as well as the regular ones) in the "generate content" section of the editor. Thanks for any help!

Commentaar van de webmaster:

The generate content function is the same one that populates the magic dungeon. You can set the level of the enemies in the editor with the insert/delete key. Unfortunately the generate content function is mostly hardcoded beceause I had to tweak proper placement of furniture and traps quite a bit.

Afzender: Reyth - vrijdag, 8 februari 2008 om 20:54

Ok sent.

Sorry for the double post 9.9


Afzender: Reyth - vrijdag, 8 februari 2008 om 11:50

Hi I think I've done a few unusual things with the Heroquest editor. I have the first part of my epic "The Summoning: Liysor's Revenge" zipped up to submit if Gerwin wanted to take a look at it.

Anyway how do I submit a quest to Gerwin?



Commentaar van de webmaster:

Hello Reyth, Just send the zip file to my email address, displayed on the start page of this website. Gerwin

Afzender: Jan - maandag, 14 januari 2008 om 19:18

mooie site hoor ,

Afzender: turusov @ - vrijdag, 28 december 2007 om 22:32

All files on their own plases, but error message although are writing. So sad, i wery liked this game many years ago on ZX.

Commentaar van de webmaster:

I am thinking maybe the program has a problem with cyrillic (russian) characters in the path/location on your harddisk in which the game resides. If you place the game in c:\hquest it might work?

Afzender: Dmitry - woensdag, 26 december 2007 om 21:32

Loading HeroQuest writes something wrong about bmp_fnt.dat. Game don't work. What could be matter?

Afzender: Jack - vrijdag, 21 december 2007 om 23:56

Heb nu net heroquest gedownload, heel fijn! Maar je zou er echt voor moeten zorgen dat de spells werken ! Ik heb die van JC maar ja er zijn maar 3 quests voor ...

Afzender: Rudy76 - donderdag, 13 december 2007 om 10:27

Hello i'm italian and i love.. heroquest since i'have 12 yeras old (i lovo also Sapce crisade (in taly Spacequest). congratulations for your jop it's impressive... i wainting for the final release (with spell, disarm trap ecc) and i think that you can find a pubbliher for you ecxellent game..
Great Gerwin

Afzender: Berend Jan - maandag, 26 november 2007 om 23:10

Je spel is gratis spel nr. 32 op van harte. Ik hoop dat het veel blije mensen trekt :)...

Ik heb veel plezier aan je HQ versie beleefd dank je daarvoor (ik beleef nog veel plezier aan deze versie)...

Afzender: breakpoint - dinsdag, 20 november 2007 om 0:17

hi again, tried to change res in cfg but the board shrinks, i see you have made the original quest pack as the 1990 version ;). Instead of player editing the cfg, would it be possible to write options into main code? And (sorry) could you put the load game option on the first menu? (otherwise i have to start a game to then just load my save game)... again.. fantasic work!!

Afzender: breakpoint - zondag, 18 november 2007 om 21:27

Thanks for creating a digital version of HQ, has inspired me to buy the original BG on ebay!i'll make a *dungeon* or too... also any plans to include resolution support for widescreen display and an installer? Keep up the great work... do you accept donations?

Commentaar van de webmaster:

Usually it are people with memories of the boardgame that tend to play my pc-game. Glad to have introduced you to this great boardgame. Thanks for your kind offer of donating, yet your feedback is good enough for me.

PS: You can tweak the resolution setting inside hquest.cfg with a text editor.

Afzender: Ogre2020 - zondag, 7 oktober 2007 om 18:46

Never mind, Wouldn't you know that directly after I post a comment like the previous one, it would suddenly work with the click of the mouse, I swear it wasn't working a minite ago, (hitting self in the head with a shovel )

Commentaar van de webmaster:

No problem,
Watch out with that shovel though ;)

Afzender: Ogre2020 - zondag, 7 oktober 2007 om 16:34

I don't want to sound like a dufus, but I often do, so how do I change the color of a door in the editor...

Afzender: jane - zondag, 16 september 2007 om 13:46

excellent game, very well done. i use to play HQ and i still play AHQ. i will try to make some quests.
would like to add some new sounds, graphics and some fx though.
you did a very good job programming it, seems very solid so far. thanks for a great program.

Afzender: kevin - vrijdag, 31 augustus 2007 om 20:34

Would you mind if I uploaded your alternate Earth map for use on Landgrab, an online risk-style domination game? All map credit goes to you, of course!

Commentaar van de webmaster:

With proper credits I would not mind you uploading it there. I had the same question from an Isaac (freedomofreality--yahoo--com) a few days ago, yet was not at home to answer. I would appreciate it if you could give me your email address so I can reach you.
After playtesting the map earlier I was thinking of adding a connection between Eastern Australia and Greenland, then raise the points of Uistralia
from 2 to 3. But I never came to do that.

Afzender: Vecna - zondag, 19 augustus 2007 om 18:51

Hi! I would like to translate in italian your great game. You think to add some file to localize the interface in the future?

Commentaar van de webmaster:

@ vecna: I have thought about language files before.
I will see if I can find an easy way when I have time for heroquest again.

@ max: sorry but I make no attempts to keep things backward compatible with hquest-JC. That version of the game is older and no longer worked on by the author.

Afzender: Max - donderdag, 16 augustus 2007 om 11:54

I love this game, but the new missions won't work with the juan carlos version!! Why?

Afzender: Aniruddha - zaterdag, 14 juli 2007 om 23:53


Heroquest ziet er echt te gek uit! Is er misschien een klein kansje dat je deze game ook voor Linux gaat uitbrengen?

Afzender: Andre Klee - maandag, 2 juli 2007 om 13:55

currently I make a short campaign for your HQ game. this editor is very simple (also for making material for other rpg), it provides - at same time - less and more as the original.

my game will be a parody of the regular game.
maybe you could get ideas for later versions (i have 2.08e)
but there is anything what i couldn't set as wished:
- for the first mission, i would need the brave-edition-map
- there could be more soldiers and people, at least so much female civils as males
- symbol for a boat and water on that you can walk ...

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