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Afzender: MeVII - dinsdag, 6 juli 2010 om 19:11

I sent an e-mail, thought Id post here also.

HQ is great! Ive wished someone did this for years, and you did a good job!

I had some suggestions, and I wanted to show you some edits I did. (Non-Programming - Cosmetic only).

I read your above reply in another post, and see you are very busy. Does anyone else have your source code that you would approve of working on your project? Someone from Allegro perhaps?
This is one of those things thats so good, it should be polished and 100% complete!

I say again! Great work!

Dig up my e-mail (same name) and let me know if you want to see my edits!


Afzender: simon - woensdag, 16 juni 2010 om 19:27

thank you for heroquest
i love you for this

Afzender: SchmuckofNI - zaterdag, 17 april 2010 om 1:54

Hi, if you would be so kind to add a donation page, I would be willing to donate some cash in order to have spells and disarm traps in Heroes Quest. Thanks for all your hard work.

Afzender: Holgi - donderdag, 11 februari 2010 om 23:28

Hallo, ich hoffe Du kannst ein wenig Deutsch. Ich schließe mich den anderen an und bin ebenfalls sehr begeistert von Deiner Version von Hero Quest. Wenn Du irgendwo ein "Spendenkonto" hättest, würde ich sogar ne Kleinigkeit spenden, damit Du diese Software fertig stellen würdest. Ich bin nicht reich, aber ich kann mir vorstellen, dass sich einige mir anschließen würden. Und dann käme vielleicht doch ein Betrag zusammen, der Dich motiviert Weiterzumachen.

Commentaar van de webmaster:

I can read your german message no problem, but would have more trouble writing a german reply. Your suggestion certainly motivates me to think of improving heroquest as to satisfy all users. But I just don't see a way in the months to come. My day job always requires and offers enough computer work as it is, it seems unwise for me to put much hours in a programming project when home. Benutzen Sie bitte diesen Übersetzer, falls Sie Englisch nicht lesen können:

Afzender: Skyrunner - vrijdag, 22 januari 2010 om 0:59

First I was excited when I found your HQ game but then I was disappointed that spells & inventory don`t work. :(((
You`d make a bunch of people happy when you finalize the game someday.
Spells & Inventory are important basic elements, if added the game is final in my book.
But hey, its free, you spent a big amout of your free time on the game, so I can`t really complain! ;)
I hope someday you find the motivation and time to continue the game.

Afzender: Randy Boon - dinsdag, 5 januari 2010 om 21:06

Hey man, SUPERVET deze Windows-versie van HQ, Spells van de Wizards werken nog niet helaas (as you already know). Wanneer staan de volgende updates aan het spel in de planning??

Keep up the fantastic HQ-job!!


Afzender: Sheffer - woensdag, 30 december 2009 om 18:02

Hi! Big fan of HQ and i just found you pc version . Iam in love whit it. Just wondering if this is still a project in progress. Just asking

Commentaar van de webmaster:

Not really in progress now, I am just maintaining it. Not enough time and ambition at the moment.

Afzender: matt menard - zaterdag, 3 oktober 2009 om 1:49


Great job on the hero quest port. I'm interested in remaking some of the expansions for the board game into PC using your map editor. I need to include additional figures, objects, etc. Can you share you source code so I can add some stuff to it? Thanks!

Afzender: Lorenzo - vrijdag, 4 september 2009 om 18:29

Great work your Hq versione i love it!
Still working or this is the last version?

Afzender: Anndorian - dinsdag, 4 augustus 2009 om 16:34

Hi there. If I understood correctly you can share your code ( or partial code ) via email. How can I contact you ? I'm interested on how you generate the map procedures.

Afzender: spidermike - vrijdag, 5 juni 2009 om 0:51


are you planning to port your great heroquest adaption for
mac ?

thx in advance !

Afzender: Chris Mills - zondag, 10 mei 2009 om 14:02

I noticed on the website that it states source code available upon request for your Hero Quest PC game. I would very much like to see it. I have been working on a new Heroquest system and would like to edit this game in order to test it out. thanks

Afzender: Flabm - maandag, 4 mei 2009 om 11:32

Hi! Are you going to update Hero Quest or what? I love what I've seen so far but I'd like to be able to cast spells, disarm traps and use the inventory, among other things!

Commentaar van de webmaster:

Unless you pay me, Don't count on it anytime soon ;) Other then that, I will maintain and host the game and the quests. PS; I have been unable to reply to a small amount of messages past months, sorry about that. But I think all submitted content is up on the website now. If not, just remind me OK.

Afzender: Andrè Pietroschek - vrijdag, 30 januari 2009 om 14:57


I found a version of hq2 and had it running under wine. I made 3 mini-quests and added them in the ZIP in my webresearch folder, see Website entry on demand.

First of all: Thanks! it was fun to have an alternative to dosbox oldie-goldie.

Now second: How to make more character- pictures into it? Any tools, perhaps?

Or what about a rogue as "hero" could one script the character to be roughly like the elf, but with his/her special, that she has a good chance to escape traps instead of stumbling in?

What I like is that heroquest2 is fast for in-between fun. Good luck to you.

Oops. You can offer my dungeons (see website if you please.

If you dislike my sharing of your game, mail me or flag it.

My regards


Afzender: Olivier - vrijdag, 28 november 2008 om 0:17


I liked the original HQ game and was happy to find your PC version. But now I have a Mac(intel proc) so I'd like to know if you could give me the source so that I could try to compile it, not that I'm a god at cross-compiling but if I don't give it a try I will regret it forever.

keep on the good work.

Afzender: Matt Bastard - dinsdag, 18 november 2008 om 5:43

I love Heroquest and Warhammer Quest!!! This is a great improvement over the 1992 game. The game is very user-friendly and looks amazing. I sincerely hope that this becomes a finished product. Don't really wanna play without spells though. Too bad. There are so many other modules on your site for the game. If possible let me know if this is still a work in progress or if you have given up on it? Thanks!

Afzender: Wolfman - zondag, 12 oktober 2008 om 3:03

I just found your hero quest pc game. I played the boardgame when I was younger and since then I lost it. It's great that you are working on this pc version. It's a whole new twist to the game. Please finish it as I know a LOT of people that have played the boardgame and would LOVE a complete pc version, myself included. Thanx so much!!!!!

Afzender: Joseph - woensdag, 8 oktober 2008 om 0:58

I thought the Elf was allowed one spell group to cast from? Oh well, very cool game anyway.

Afzender: Dobermann - zondag, 5 oktober 2008 om 8:52

Thank you for the great version of Hero Quest. As so many others have pointed out, it's the best version I've ever found.

Afzender: Nick - woensdag, 10 september 2008 om 18:55


I actually spent two hours today looking around the internet for various HeroQuest games that had been made for the computer and, I must say, they pale in comparison to the fine work you've done on yours. Bravo, sir.

I also had a question for you. Is the HeroQuest game a project that you will continue to put work into, or is it pretty much abandonware by now? I, for one (and my colleague, for two xP), would be delighted to (at least attempt to) "finish" the project that was started here. Such as adding spells, inventory, and possibly network play.

This is a game that is very near and dear to my heart, and was my favorite board game throughout all my childhood. The only thing I would like more than seeing a fully operational version of it on the computer would be participating in the creation of said version.

Please feel free to e-mail me at your leisure if you are interested in discussing the project and/or disclosing the source code. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

- Nick
AKA "I call the Wizard!"

Afzender: Badmoogle - zaterdag, 9 augustus 2008 om 0:24


I discovered this version of this game i played during my childhood and i have to tell you: what a fantastic job you've made! Everything is similar to what i can remember. I still have the board game but it's kinda weird to play it when you are 22, so, you're game allow me to live again the thrill of exploding goblins with the barbarian. Thank you very much.

I have 2 questions for you about the program, 1 being a little repetitive and I'm sorry for it. The first one: will the spell be usable in the next version? The second one: how does the objective parameter works in the editor? (with a quest of 10 chapters, how do you set, for example, the main ojective in killing the guy at the 10th basement?). I read the manual but it's still not really clear.

Thank you again for this outstanding stuff!

Commentaar van de webmaster:

Thanks for your kind message, The game actually needs a proper inventory system and another graphics layer for spells to work properly. I am afraid I have no conscious plans to start on that. The objectives are set for that chapter only, you can set objectives in two ways: by selecting one in the quest properties list AND/OR giving an object a script that says 'game won....' or 'end game type x' So for your example; you open your 10th chapter with the editor and bind the script 'game won reveal all' to the guy that must be killed. You can peek around in the included quest files for examples on using scripts.

Afzender: Rick - maandag, 4 augustus 2008 om 8:44

Very cool version of the original game. Thanks for making it freeware.

Afzender: nene - dinsdag, 8 juli 2008 om 5:51

Thank you so much for working on the HeroQuest program. I look forward to a fully functional version and hope you will keep working on it!

Afzender: Corrado - vrijdag, 9 mei 2008 om 19:24

Thank you! I grow up playing HeroQuest on his original board version. Now I can replay my quests! This is the best free work I've ever seen on the Web.

Afzender: Carlos Mizael - zaterdag, 3 mei 2008 om 16:41

Your Hero Quest is very Fantastic. The new Version come here!?

When spell, Expansion without errors...thanks!

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