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Afzender: sascha - zaterdag, 14 januari 2006 om 20:49

Hi. I dry to play heroquest. but every start i got an error "Fatal error while loading bmp_fnt.dat" can you help me?


Afzender: Tom - woensdag, 11 januari 2006 om 7:09

Hi, I played the original table top HeroQuest back in the day and I always thought it would make a great computer game. Finally somebody made it! And made it well! What fun :) And your artwork is really amazing. Thanks, and happy gaming!

Afzender: Roberto Bichi - donderdag, 15 december 2005 om 21:31

Hello. I'm italian and i make a 29part Adventure with your fantastic game/editor HeroQuest (only in italian language), my question is: can you put a file of 1,7Mb of size (*.rar) in your download page? If yes send me a e-mail with your e-mail address. If no then ok else.

Afzender: DUcky - maandag, 12 december 2005 om 3:58

Nieuwe ChatBox Heel Mooi en Gezellig !!

Afzender: Genie-co - woensdag, 7 december 2005 om 23:48

Come hier also nog Hollands people around deze buurt ??

Afzender: peter - maandag, 10 oktober 2005 om 15:55

leuke site hoor.

Afzender: Gerwin - zaterdag, 13 augustus 2005 om 1:43

Rather a slow computer than a rebooted one... hmm, only thing I can think of now is changing some settings in hquest.cfg manually, with notepad:
instead of: bpp = 32, fullscreen = 1, sound = 1,
try bpp = 16,or bpp = 24, fullscreen = 0, sound = 0,
Though if I am to be able to help you further it would be better If you emailed me. OK.

Afzender: finnish addict - vrijdag, 12 augustus 2005 om 13:07

The older version only reboots my computer ?:(

I once got the new HQ play fine last night when i closed all other programs before went to sleep and decided to try once more. It was awesome!
But now it's slow again, tried loading right after windows starts and everything...odd

Afzender: Gerwin - vrijdag, 12 augustus 2005 om 1:41

That's sad finnish guy, I am sorry for the inconvinience. Never got similar complaints actually. You might want to try this older version of the game, I would like to know if that one runs better:

Afzender: finnish rpg addict - vrijdag, 12 augustus 2005 om 1:20

Hero Quest slows my whole xp, 1.4ghz computer(including other programs) to an ancient speed so i can't play.
Please help me, i haven't played hero quest for 10 years and now desperately trying to get your game work >:'s 3am here
Does it need anything other than unzip and load the .exe ?

Afzender: Mark - dinsdag, 2 augustus 2005 om 20:34

Cheers! Thanks so much for making Heroquest! It's easy to learn and a lot of fun to play.

One recommendation: is there a way that you could include "load game" from the first main menu, instead of just from the menu that you can access once you've loaded a quest?

Great game! And I love PK's campaigns too. Thanks all for everything.

Afzender: Gerwin - dinsdag, 19 juli 2005 om 13:03

Thanks guys, The bug you mentioned should be fixed in the latest version 2.07d. Though I am still working on the final 2.07d.

Afzender: WC Leung - woensdag, 13 juli 2005 om 18:03

Btw, just forgot to say that HeroQuest is an excellent game... hehe

Afzender: WC Leung - woensdag, 13 juli 2005 om 18:01

Bug report of HeroQuest 2.08C: if the default value of a check box is on, then even if it is deselected the value is still on. (Therefore I can't play the Magic Dungeon w/ a character other than a Barbarian)

Afzender: ChrisA - zondag, 12 juni 2005 om 17:55

Great game! I just stumbled across it through the Home of the Underdogs site and am having a lot of fun already!

Afzender: Daniel - zaterdag, 4 juni 2005 om 20:07

Hey Your version of Hero Quest is very good, me and my brothers we had a lot of fun with it already, i know it is still a beta version and have some bugs like the halberdiers locking a door but i know it will be a great game..
Still im from brazil, well you can see how far your game already reached :)

Boa sorte e continue mandando bem com a programação do hero Quest :)

Afzender: Grym - vrijdag, 13 mei 2005 om 10:05

Thank you so much for your excellent version of HeroQuest! I have had many hours of fun playing with it with my son! It brings back great memories from my young teenage years playing D&D. It is wonderful to be able to create, save and share your own quests and to play with 1, 2 or more players. I look forward to more scripting possibilities. Please keep up the great work !

Afzender: sklep agd - donderdag, 12 mei 2005 om 20:54

Well done, this site is really great. Just wanted to say hello, keep up the good work!

Afzender: xirrap - donderdag, 5 mei 2005 om 22:31

cool site

Afzender: User1 - zaterdag, 26 maart 2005 om 20:13

Tolles Game, wie wär eine Erweiterung in 3D, wie bei dem Orginal PC und Amiga Game Heroqest 1 und 2 ?

Afzender: Charly - zaterdag, 26 maart 2005 om 5:45

Very great Heroquest Game !!
Please develope more addon quest packages.
Where i can download a Levelquest-Creator for the .qst ?

Afzender: Phil - vrijdag, 11 maart 2005 om 23:46

hey, i LOVE your HERO QUEST game, i've been waiting for something like this for SO LONG!!!! really great!! but what about magic? and how can you actually SEARCH traps, hidden doors or treasures??

Afzender: Suzanne - vrijdag, 25 februari 2005 om 15:03

Leuke site! Ik zag wat texel foto's (kwam via google image op deze site).. Wij zaten vorig jaar ook op het kogerstrand :D

Afzender: Godewijn Perizonius - donderdag, 24 februari 2005 om 2:50

Man man man wat een ongelooflijk goede tekeningen! Echt ongelooflijk goed!! Ik vind die sfeer die je oproept door het gele papier echt geweldig, en de penstreken zijn precies goed! Ik ben dolenthousiast, dit is veel te min voor elfwood in mijn opinie, ga professioneel!!! Sterkte ermee en het beste!

Afzender: Knalpot - donderdag, 27 januari 2005 om 16:40

Heroquest does'n seem to work... it keeps yappin about some error in hquest.qpf or something

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