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Afzender: Pieter - woensdag, 16 juni 2021 om 14:22

Goede website heb je.

Afzender: Lola - maandag, 14 juni 2021 om 8:34

Complimenten met de website. Heroquest blijft gaaf.

Afzender: Alessandro Volturno - zaterdag, 19 september 2020 om 20:00

Hello GB,
you have done a very good job on porting HeroQuest on Windows, but I guess you have no more time to dedicate to your game.
It is really a pity...
It has many a large community, it is nice and functional
it is not as easy as one could firstly think, it is a real good piece of software.
I hope you could move on on it and adding those missing features.

Thank you!

Afzender: RegTheEvil - zaterdag, 3 augustus 2019 om 22:59

I have the exact same problem. I am using Windows 7 64 bit and if I try to use Full-Screen-mode, the game screen just goes black and I have to do things blind If I want to keep playing. I had to edit hquest.cfg manually from line "fullscreen" and change "1" to "0" to make it work again.

Commentaar van de webmaster:

I am aware of that since a long time. For that reason Windowed mode became the default. It is something in the Allegro 4 library, which is used by the game.

Afzender: Helan - zaterdag, 20 april 2019 om 18:08

Hi!!!I've tried Heroquest v. 2.08i but the fuillscreen doesn't work. When i try to make full screen, at the restart the game became a black screen. can someone help me ? thanks a lot

Afzender: pem - dinsdag, 17 april 2018 om 9:11

Want to help develop a modern HeroQuest video game project? Visit my website and contact me.

Afzender: Elf1973 - maandag, 29 januari 2018 om 1:58

Hi there! Thx for sharing your amazing HeroQuest game. There is only one sad point: the spells of the wizard dont work. Are you going to fix it? Because without the spells is the wizard pretty useless Keep up the good work!

Afzender: Thredith - woensdag, 13 september 2017 om 4:15

Hi! I re-discovered your HeroQuest game today, and I'm amazed at how well it plays, even under Windows 10. Thank you very much for sharing it, and keeping it functional. Do you have any plans on updating it any further? (I.e. Allowing the Object library to work with up to 255 obj, like you wrote in the to-do section of the txt-updates log file)Keep up the good job!

Afzender: ECap - donderdag, 9 juni 2016 om 14:41

Regarding the problem of the previous message, I open the 9th chapter of Hexen 'Caves of Circe' with the editor and I found out the solution.

Commentaar van de webmaster:

That is good to hear! I just tried this quest and indeed this chapter is a bit unfair: one has to find a secret door in a small corner, then in the hidden room (with just one mummy): walk all the way to the left.

Afzender: ECap - zaterdag, 28 mei 2016 om 16:44

Hello. Anyone did the quest 'Hexen'? I can't find the way out from 9th chapter 'Caves of Circe'. Any bug maybe? It would be a pity, because the quest is well done. Can you help me? Thank you.

Afzender: Karri - woensdag, 4 mei 2016 om 17:27

It has been a while... This year we have a Role Play convention Ropecon 2016 in Helsinki at end of July. I planned to sign up to run an experience point for new gamers. The plan is to show your version of HeroQuest as a real board game. The screen is made as a gaming table and the characters are printed out through a 3D printer and equipped with photo sensitive bottoms so you can play the game as a real board game without kbd or mouse. I would very much like to print out your art work next to the game as it would add atmosphere. The game would also control some ambient lights. Would this be ok?

Regards, Karri

Afzender: nick - maandag, 15 februari 2016 om 7:04

Congrat for Hero Quest player.

I want know how resize the window if is possible. Or there is just fullscreen window option?

Commentaar van de webmaster:

Currently two options: Fullscreen or Windowed. The game does not scale (and thereby blur) the graphics. Though adding pixel-doubling may be interesting when Screens are getting over 1200 pixels vertically.

Afzender: Mooby - dinsdag, 9 februari 2016 om 7:01

Brother you rock... Love all the Heroquest stuff you got... I always loved the board game & you brought it back to me with tons of expansions.... You are a Hero!!!

Afzender: akalest0s - dinsdag, 6 oktober 2015 om 10:40

I had seen your Hero Quest game, a lot years ago. VERY nicely done, congratulations, and thank you! Did ever any of the HQ official guys ever talked to you about your game?

Afzender: Chen-Chen - zondag, 5 juli 2015 om 23:27

Dear Gerwin,I have been searching for the music files for "Jane's Fighters Anthology" for many years now because I played this game a lot in my youth and really loved the music in it. So lately I found your link on but it's not working anymore. So I wanted to ask you if there still was a way to get these files from you. That would be wonderful.Greetings from GermanyChen-Chen

Commentaar van de webmaster:

Thanks for reporting the dead link. I edited my post at combatace so the download link works again.

Afzender: Dunric - donderdag, 11 december 2014 om 7:03

Wow! Stylish fantasy pics!

Afzender: Ade Broon - zaterdag, 4 oktober 2014 om 16:05

Hi, just came across your Heroquest game, its amazing.Are you still developing it and also do you have any plans to release the source so it doesn't disappear into the darkness of the net.Amazing again friend.. Great work its the best PC version I have come across and would also like to see it on the Mac.Ade

Afzender: Gutxi - donderdag, 7 november 2013 om 16:55

Thanks. For making real an amazing HeroQuest PC game. For create the editor system. For make it with so much taste. For making it, indeed.I'd pay or donate for this to take it to the end. At least, the spell issue. Let me know if I can help.Cheers

Afzender: GordyK - zaterdag, 10 maart 2012 om 23:36

First and foremost I'd like to thank you SO MUCH for making this Heroquest game! I was only a toddler when this game first came out. I remember going to my best friends house and playing it for the first time. Talk about such an amazing experience. This game is what addicted me to RPG board games and table tops. Because we now have grown, and moved on with our individual lives sadly were unable to play anymore. However I've missed playing this game and sitting for hours making up our own quests and weapons, spells, etc.. I truly hope someday you will make the inventory available, weapons, and obviously finish the work with the spells so they are usable. I'm sure I speak for many that I'd be willing to PAY or this game, or donate if it would help. It would mean SO MUCH to me to experience this game with my son, and hopefully have the same impact on him as well. None the less, THANK YOU for this contribution!!

Afzender: irxc - zaterdag, 23 juli 2011 om 16:29

Having a couple of friends over tonight and we're playing HeroQuest (the boardgame) so I was stoked when I found your site!

Afzender: Jack - vrijdag, 1 juli 2011 om 12:05

Hi Gerwin! how are you? thanks for heroquest! i have tested the old version in 2006 (undead and magical attack) .... Are there in the future other versions of heroquest with your game mode and the spells?

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Afzender: Robert - vrijdag, 1 oktober 2010 om 11:27

Hi, i am also impressed by the work you have done on heroquest -> and of course i like the idea the it is free available ;). i understand that you are busy -> and would offer you my help to continue the work on hq2cheers, robert

Commentaar van de webmaster:

If you can code C, feel free to mail me.

Afzender: Nathanael - vrijdag, 17 september 2010 om 18:53

Hi, I would like to use one of your image (with backlink)Could you please mail me back ?Nath'

Afzender: Franking - maandag, 6 september 2010 om 0:46

I like the alternative risk map you made. I use it now for my own website, where you can play it online. The site is new and under heavy construction.

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