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Afzender: Irina - maandag, 20 juni 2016 om 15:06

Hello, can i buy one male cat for breeding in Russia? thank you for the answer

Afzender: elizabeth - zondag, 20 juli 2014 om 20:38

any kittens available

Afzender: Sandra Drew Hernvall - donderdag, 8 december 2011 om 17:54

Hello! Ik heb fruger in Belgie gewonen, maar het was lange geleden so het nederlaans is niet so god! So I do it in English. I'm American living in Sweden. I lived in Overijse between 1995-2000. I love cats and breed Burmese. We aren't really active in the breeding, only one female. I find the snowshoe very interesting and beautiful! I have looked into the breeding here in Sweden and there are only 2 who breed and they don't want to sell to anyone who isn't interested in continueing with the breeding to buy their cats (unless they are castrated). How often do you have litters? Please let me know if there are any on the way! Thankyou! Sandra

Afzender: Sabrina Lock - zaterdag, 9 juli 2011 om 14:41


I find them wonderful cats have. I am Russian blue breeder in Germany, however, discover just my interest becoming greater and greater in the Snowshoe.
I will purely look anyway regularly with you and also look the next year after a nice breeding cat.

Please, my bad English forgives me.

Afzender: Elke - donderdag, 27 januari 2011 om 21:45

Eindelijk is de mooie site af,je mag er trots op zijn...en de kittens ook. Nordic heeft ons hart gestolen
Veel succes

Afzender: Ludo - maandag, 5 juli 2010 om 22:41

Dit is een test van ons om goed te beginnen


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