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Afzender: Alan Davidson - zondag, 18 juni 2017 om 0:07

How can I buy a "pop-up" penguin?

Afzender: Joseph Koskie - woensdag, 14 juni 2017 om 1:53

Are you working on the clock?????????????

Afzender: Karen white - dinsdag, 13 juni 2017 om 10:46

I have seen a video of your pop up animals. Do you sell these?

Afzender: Jaimie - maandag, 12 juni 2017 om 13:37

Hi there, I have been searching for the jumping, pop up paper Pingu (children cartoon character). I come across your YouTube video's and thought I would try and contact you. I am wondering if you 1. Make this popup character?2. If so, are these available for sale?3. Do you ship to Australia?4. How much would these be?Thank you. I'll wait to hear back from you.Jaimie

Afzender: mike royle - woensdag, 26 april 2017 om 17:27

I have subscribed to your channel for a while for origami, but as you have I have recently been into low poly papercraft sculptures. I wondered how do you transfer a low poly sculpture which you have produced on the computer to a flat pdf file template that can be printed out to produce the low poly paper sculpture.
Hoping to hear from you soon

Afzender: Jay Ausa - donderdag, 22 december 2016 om 18:49

Hi Ma'am Linda, I saw your website page and I really amazed by your creations, marvelous and wonderful. Hope I can find its pattern so I can make and fold some of those origami creation of yours.

Afzender: - donderdag, 27 oktober 2016 om 23:02

Hi, I'm Ruth Porter and I've tried to download your pattern paper for paper globes and can't seem to find the link to do so. Are you able to help me?

Afzender: Ria - zaterdag, 30 juli 2016 om 13:12

Ben jij degene die vrijdag in het wevershuis was en met de camper op stap is?
Jammer dat ik niet wist van deze prachtige kunst van je.
Geef je ook workshops?
Hartelijke groet, Ria

Afzender: Kari Rady - vrijdag, 8 juli 2016 om 12:32

You have a great site. Thank you for sharing all this information. I'm very impressed by your skill. Unfortunately, when I went to the site to download the template for the sliceform box, it is all in Japanese. Could you please share the template with me? There is a little girl I know who would go crazy to learn how to do that. Thank you in advance, Kari

Afzender: Gerwin - donderdag, 16 juni 2016 om 9:15

Hallo Papergirl,

Ik zag op Youtube je video over de Westminster Abbey. Prachtig. In de film zeg je dat je de delen hebt uitgesneden met een cutter. Ik ben erg benieuwd hoe je dat gedaan hebt. Misschien kan je daar een keer een filmpje over plaatsen? Zelf maak ik bouwplaten en twijfel erg over de aanschaf van een snijmachine. Ik denk over de Brother ScanNCut maar die herkent niet altijd alle lijnen. Heb jij daar ervaringen mee?

Met vriendelijke groet,

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