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Afzender: Guy Sach - zaterdag, 31 oktober 2015 om 20:55

Goede avond Raf. Ik zag je vraagje aan Dick PA0DV ivm de codeplugs voor Belgie voor een CS700. Ik heb onlangs ook een CS700 aangeschaft maar zit wat vast met het programeren ervan. Zou jij mij kunnen zeggen of er een codeplug voor Belgie te vinden is?
Dank U, Guy, ON5GF

Afzender: howard n1ncb - dinsdag, 6 september 2011 om 18:49

Saw you pass threw Brunswick Maine Rt 1 hope to chat with you or meet you sometime in town73HowardN1NCB

Afzender: George Dunlap - vrijdag, 26 augustus 2011 om 12:19

my brother is a Ham and told me about you. we both live in Ohio, USA. I live in central Ohio and he lives in eastern Ohio near the Ohio River next to Pennsylvania, OH. be careful with Irene it is a big one. God speed and be safe. Are you coming though Ohio on your trip?

Afzender: PD0ARI - woensdag, 24 augustus 2011 om 12:36

Hallo Raf,
Bedankt voor de geweldig mooie verbinding op 20 meter!!
Jij met een paar Watt in je draadantenne vanaf het strand in Canada, en ik met 25 Watt in de Hy Endfed draadantenne vanaf de boot in Nederland.
Ongelofelijk om zo een verbinding te maken.
Have a safe trip,
73,s PD0ARI/MM Arie Rietveld.

Afzender: NX0P - zondag, 21 augustus 2011 om 14:12

Raf~~ was fun working you on 20 meters this moring. Also look forward to working you when you get back home. Wish I could have hooked up with you when you went through MN. Maybe if you do it again someday.73's have a good trip!NX0P

Afzender: Dianne - zaterdag, 20 augustus 2011 om 21:43

Hi Raf! I see you're getting closer to P.E.I. I'm glad the weather has been kinder to you! (no rain!). It was nice to meet you. I truly admire what you're doing. You have a lot of ambition! Best wishes and a safe trip on to Boston.

Afzender: PIERRE VE1AXC - zaterdag, 20 augustus 2011 om 17:48

I was happy to provide you with a place to hang your hat and recharge your batteries(hihi). 10000 kms very impressive! I wish you best of luck on your return trip home. I

Afzender: Richard Campbell - dinsdag, 26 juli 2011 om 4:27

Good to work you on 20 meter all the best 73.

Afzender: Mike - NF0N - dinsdag, 19 juli 2011 om 3:41

Raf, I see you found the website for BMHA, Bicycle Mobile Hams of America. Great to have you visit us and we also have a Group on Yahoo Groups called BMHA. Many Hams on the group site and we would welcome you to look at it and post some of your trip and/or pictures. Join is free of course. Many Hams on the groups and many use HF on their bikes. I am in Nebraska just to the south of you now.

Hope you have a good trip and hope to see you post on Yahoo Groups, BMHA Group. Website is, then search of the BMHA group.

73-Mike, NF0N
Trek Mountain Bike
Lightning P-38
Trice XL-NT Trike
Longbikes long wheelbase recumbent

Afzender: David VE7SP - vrijdag, 15 juli 2011 om 6:59

Hi Raf, it was great working you in South Dakota via bike QRP. I wish you a great trip and look forward to seeing how you progress. 73 David

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