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Afzender: josknepper - dinsdag, 21 september 2010 om 18:01

ik ben een grote fan al vele jaren

Afzender: Catera - dinsdag, 23 juni 2009 om 17:45

You DO know your guestbook is in German? anyhoo, hey , great site! I would like you to consider putting mine on yours -


Afzender: allbatman - dinsdag, 20 maart 2007 om 2:29

Great batman/superhero site ,,very cool !

Afzender: David - dinsdag, 27 september 2005 om 22:52

Hello DC Comics fans!

If you want to leave a message you can click on 'schrijven in dit gastenboek' (= 'sign this guestbook'). You can let me know what you think about the site (what stuff would u like to see (more) / tips /comments / bad links etc..) or maybe you know some nice sites that I can add to the startpage.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the site.

Thnx in advance & Grtz



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