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Afzender: Johan Alferink - woensdag, 5 april 2006 om 3:36

Hi Teus,
In an earlier message I inquired about Bessel Gerritsz and could he have been the famous VOC cartographer.
I have since found out that both Bessel and Hessel were born 1580/1581 however Hessel died in 1632 while Bessel was still alive because in your information he married his second wife in 1654.
Anyway it was a try and hope you and your family are keeping well and Holland is warming up a bit. Here in Margaret River it very fine and the fields are becomming green again after the dry summer.
Kind Regards
Johan Alferink

Afzender: Johan Alferink - woensdag, 29 maart 2006 om 4:03

Hallo Teus<br>I'm glad you have received my Email.<br>In your family tree you have a Bessel Gerritsz born ca 1580. He married Weympje Jansdr and also Arrisje Jans.In many books I've read a Hessel Gerritsz was a well known cartographer for the VOC who was around at that time as well as the Willem Jansz I inquired about earlier. Perhaps Weympje and Arrisje are related to Willem. Is Bessel a common name in Holland. I see that Bessel had a brother Harmen who was a landbouwer,maybe Bessel had the same occupation.<br>Hope you don't mind me asking and hope life is not to busy for you.<br>Kind regards<br>Johan Alferink

Afzender: Teus Schimmel - vrijdag, 24 maart 2006 om 18:33

Sorry I didn't answer but it was a busy week for us.
Your fax did arrive in good order, thanks.

Teus Schimmel

Afzender: Johan Alferink - vrijdag, 24 maart 2006 om 13:17

Hi Teus,
I haven't heard if my fax to you was successfull in sending you our family history.
If the fax was unsuccessfull please let me know your postal address so the info can be sent via the mail.
Kind regards Johan Alferink

Afzender: Johan Alferink - woensdag, 15 maart 2006 om 13:45

Groetjes out of Australia.
Thank you for a great wealth of information on the Schimmel family.
I'm related to Evertje Schimmel who married Wulfert Meerveld in 1805 Amersfoort. They are my great,great,great grand parents. My mother Anna Meerveld was born at Woudenberg in 1914 daughter of Cornelis Meerveld and Aaltje vd Waerdt.Anna married Johan Alferink born Deventer, in 1943. We migrated to Australia in 1953 to Margaret River in Western Australia. I have been very interested in the family history but unfortunately not able to research records in Holland like you have been able to do, you make me very envious.
I have one question have you found a Willem Jansz in the family?. This Willem born about 1570 Amersfoort son of Volkert Jansz and Elizabeth Claessen.Willem is credited to be the first white person to discover Australia in 1606 while employed by the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie.
Thanking You,
Johan Alferink
ps Sorry I'm not able to write in Nederlands.

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