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Afzender: Adam - maandag, 6 september 2004 om 23:31

My name is Adam and I am a Police Officer with the City of Racine, Wisconsin Police Department. I am looking to buy vintage Racine Police Department Badges. I am willing to pay a reasonable price for all Racine Police badges.

Afzender: Robert Lee - dinsdag, 24 augustus 2004 om 21:37

Great site for collectors to view. However, your Georgia State Patrol badge is a replica, usually used in movies. The authentic badge is slightly curved, very shiny silver and has a number where the word "TROOPER" appears on your badge. For example, my badge has 581 on it. I bought a badge like yours from a gentleman in Germany on ebay before they banned sale of actual police badges.

Afzender: Ronnald Stannard - dinsdag, 17 augustus 2004 om 20:40

Mooie website,ben ook begonnen met verzamelen van USA Police badges en ben op zoek naar politie hoeden,mischien kan je me een paar tips geven,kom zeker nog terug naar deze site.
Groeten uit Belgie,

Afzender: Martin Koppelaar - woensdag, 11 augustus 2004 om 17:38

Met heel veel plezier heb ik het NYPD verhaal gelezen en genoten. Complimenten voor de mooie website. Ik ben werkzaam als hoofdagent op de Meldkamer Noord-Holland-Noord en ook besmet met het verzamelvirus wat betreft politie emblemen.

Afzender: Martin Koppelaar - woensdag, 11 augustus 2004 om 17:36

Met heel veel plezier heb ik het NYPD verhaal gelezen en genoten. Complimenten voor de mooie website.

Afzender: Chris Bauer - dinsdag, 20 juli 2004 om 10:20


Enjoyed your web site. However, I am a Trooper with the Kansas Highway Patrol and noticed that the badge you show for us is inaccurate. We have had only two styles of badges and the one you have is not one of them. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Again, I very much enjoyed your site. I did notice that the badge you have from the Johnson County, Kansas Sheriff is accurate.
Chris Bauer

Afzender: Pavel Nejedlo - zondag, 11 juli 2004 om 22:37

Deare friend,cordial salutation from Czech republic. Your site is very interesting! I am doghandler and too collector K-9 metalic badges, pins and patches. You have in your collecton one item - for me very mysterious, I know not - Czech patche (in part: Security) "Bezpecnostni agentura Blesk (K9). I have for you proposal: you send to me picture (only picture to my email address) and I send to you one Czech patch K9 (you write your address). I please - you write to me measurement (wide x height) this patch. Thank you very much. Sorry, I write English very badly. Pavel

Afzender: Joaquim Pol - dinsdag, 15 juni 2004 om 15:58

I am collector of patches of services of emergency.
I collect canine units of rescue, k-9, mountain rescue teams, to helicopter rescue services, maritime search and rescue, ambulances, etc.
I have patches of Spain to change, can send list and photos.
If these interested I wait for your news.
A greeting.

Barcelona - Spain

Afzender: PO Dan Hylas, NY USA - maandag, 14 juni 2004 om 17:46

A patch on your site is mis-identified as a patch from Pennsylvania."Haverstraw Town Police" is a old,old patch from Haverstraw, New York (Rockland County)USA, a town which incorporated in 1666 a.d.>>>> Dan

Afzender: frits schmidt - donderdag, 27 mei 2004 om 17:35

wim, leuke site, vooral de persoonlijke noot en de gevoelens die je uitstraalt ivm met sept. 11.

groet en tot dimple in normandie

frits schmidt

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