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 Gastenboek Wim's Badge and Patch Collection 

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Afzender: varapodio - zaterdag, 3 december 2005 om 3:37

Thanks! Bookmarked!

Afzender: malvito - dinsdag, 29 november 2005 om 12:25

Wow! This site is fantastic. It's professional and to the point. I like it a lot.

Afzender: gravina - dinsdag, 29 november 2005 om 9:22

Take care!

Afzender: grimaldi - zaterdag, 26 november 2005 om 9:53

Been looking for a site like this for a long time. I will be back often.

Afzender: ionio - zaterdag, 26 november 2005 om 4:23

i really enjoy it

Afzender: walter - dinsdag, 1 november 2005 om 1:51

Hi,I am police Peru and invite see patches of national police of Peru and knives handmade from Peru models of the big white shark,in ..thanks your visit friends

Afzender: Josef MARTINEK - dinsdag, 12 juli 2005 om 11:44

I also collect police patches and breast badges. I´m interested most of all patches of a police narcotics unit,patches with Bear, K-9 unit, Emergency Service Unit - NYPD Trucks unit and items. I have 500 pieces of police patches and 10 pieces the Police breast badges for trade.
I´m looking forward to your answer.

Afzender: mary - dinsdag, 28 juni 2005 om 13:39

this design is SO cool! great job!

Afzender: björkbreukers - maandag, 30 mei 2005 om 19:10

Ha die Wim,je site is echt indrukwekkend.
We zien elkaar vast wel weer.
groeten Björk breukers.

Afzender: Lilian Roelofs - donderdag, 26 mei 2005 om 0:34

Hoi Wim
Was al zo'n tijd niet meer geweest dus weer eventjes rond gekeken hier.Mis er een paar.
Groetjess Lilian

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