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 Gastenboek Wim's Badge and Patch Collection 

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Afzender: BethannPeters - woensdag, 1 februari 2006 om 20:44

Sorry I have no Website. As a matter of fact I'm just getting started collecting. If you have any ideas of how I should start...Please.
Thank you.

Afzender: Conny - woensdag, 1 februari 2006 om 12:14

Hello Wim!
You have very nice site!
You are welcome to have a look at my page.

Afzender: Fokke van Dalen - donderdag, 26 januari 2006 om 13:53


A verry special hobby. Succes in further collecting.

Good luck,


Afzender: Andreas Bergman - donderdag, 5 januari 2006 om 21:16

Nice website! Really nice!

I work as a police officer in Stockholm, Sweden. I am also a collector of patches from all over the world. From the police, military, fire department etc...

My collection is not as big as others, but I have not doing it for a long time. I also collect at modelcars in size 1:43 from the police, fire and ambulance.

You can visit my site if you want.

Afzender: Stephen Brasher - dinsdag, 20 december 2005 om 9:33

I am very impressed with your site and would like to know if you have any paches or badges for sale. thank you Steve. have a nice christmas.

Afzender: firmo - donderdag, 15 december 2005 om 20:39

look is awesome!

Afzender: C Brown - dinsdag, 13 december 2005 om 1:03

Arlington, Texas, USA Police Department.

Afzender: Joep Verhagen - maandag, 12 december 2005 om 20:10

He Wim,

ik heb je vrijdag 9-12-2005 even gesproken op het terrein van CCM in A'doorn. (Ik had net het rollenspel afgelegd)
Je vertelde me enthousiast over je hobby en vroeg mij om je gastenboek te tekenen. Dus...bij deze!!

Een hele leuke site en een mooie hobby. Veel succes en plezier bij het vinden/ruilen/kopen/verkopen en uitbreiden van je hobby.

Groetjes, Joep

Afzender: acri - maandag, 12 december 2005 om 0:56

COOL !!!

Afzender: verbicaro - zaterdag, 3 december 2005 om 21:23

good keep it well

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