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 Gastenboek Wim's Badge and Patch Collection 

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Afzender: David Craig Beard - woensdag, 10 maart 2010 om 5:10

You have an excellent collection. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future.

Afzender: Tim - maandag, 18 januari 2010 om 12:35

Hello. I still couldn't find a way to contact you through your website, however, I wanted to shed some light to you about one of the badges in your collection. It is the Coventry, RI, USA badge. That badge is actually from Coventry, Connecticut, USA. I am 100% on this for two reasons; one, I live in Connecticut and in close proximity to Coventry, and two, The logo displayed in the middle of the badge is the exact same logo that is on the Coventry, CT Police patch. The logo for the Coventry, RI Police contains an elephant in it. Hope this could help you. Have a great day.


Afzender: Tim - zondag, 6 december 2009 om 18:40

Hello. I came across your website and noticed your entered list. There is a patch on there that I have been searching for. It is the Connecticut Dept.. of Motor Vehicles Inspector patch. Im afraid the only patch I have available to trade is a Connecticut State Police Tactical Unit patch. If you would like to trade or sell please email me. Great site BTW. Thank you for your time.

Afzender: Georg Gruber - zaterdag, 21 november 2009 om 16:27

Großartige website, Gratulation ! Vielleicht können auch wir in Zukunft tauschen ?
Beste Grüße
Georg Gruber

Afzender: Andreas Alfredsson - zondag, 20 september 2009 om 15:20

I work as a Swedish Police officer and would like to trade patches. I can offer swedish national police patches, and would like to trade police or firepatches from you. I can offer two of the same patch if you can offer the same, if not one against one patch. Please contact me on my e-mail so we can trade. Please send pictures at the patches you can trade, and I will do the same in my answer.

Take care & stay safe!

Afzender: Memik - dinsdag, 25 augustus 2009 om 12:23

Hallo Wim,

Op jouw aanwijzing even een kijkje genomen op je site met je persoonlijke politie badge verzameling. Gigantisch wat een een verzameling iets waar je oprecht trots op mag zijn. Ook bezien in het werk en tijd wat er ogenschijnlijk in zit. Voor de internationale beroepsgroep politie een erfstuk. Wens je heel veel succes en wardering voor je unieke collectie.

Afzender: elisha - zondag, 26 juli 2009 om 9:04

thanks a good site.

Afzender: Lee Natelborg - woensdag, 15 juli 2009 om 1:01


I would love to be able to get a Dutch police patch from you. I am an officer in Highland, Indiana and and 100% Dutch myself. I would love to be able to trade patches with you. We have an interesting seven point star badge patch. Highland is also an area rich in Dutch history and would be a good find for your great collection. I am just starting a collection myself and would love to have one of my first patches come from my heritage. Please contact me if interested. Ofc Lee Natelborg. Crime Impact Unit. Highland Police Dept.

Afzender: Ron derogee - vrijdag, 10 juli 2009 om 13:10

Hoi Wim,
Indrukwekkend wat je allemaal hebt. De Batch die ik heb ben ik niet in je verzameling tegen gekomen mogelijk dus een uitbreiding van je collectie. Ik stuur hem snel op. Groeten Ron

Afzender: Carl B. Coates - vrijdag, 29 mei 2009 om 12:54

Seeing the wooden shoes reminded me of the ones my fsther brought back from WW II, for my sister, We was a the Canadian Army attached to British Tank Corps. He thought very much about you Dutch, he was treated well and returned the affection, be free always, CB

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