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Afzender: Adrian C. Almond - donderdag, 3 maart 2005 om 0:50


Afzender: Robson Araujo - zondag, 27 februari 2005 om 2:22

I like your site and information about the MG.

Afzender: Matthew L. Messa - maandag, 21 februari 2005 om 22:02

What a wonderful car. I have had MG's since I was 16 and I am now 63.Thanks for sharing a classic with us.

Afzender: Claude Germerie - zondag, 13 februari 2005 om 20:47

beeing myself an owner of a nice old Mini but dreaming of a MG tc I am always impress by those persons doing such a nice job but keeping all these
beauties on the run .Congratulation from France. All the best,sencerely

Afzender: Colin Etheridge - maandag, 24 januari 2005 om 12:35

A bit different from the 1939 T A fairly original that I used to own, that's for sure. Wonderful restoration job, I would never have the patience to spend all those, I would guess thousands, of hours of work. But you can proudly say that you have left your mark because if you hadn't got hold of it it might have disappeared for ever. Well done.
Best wishes, Colin

Afzender: Gary Barrett, NC, USA - zaterdag, 22 januari 2005 om 22:19

I am the current custodian of TC6512. Yours is an inspiring story of a truly magnificent little car. Thank You.

Afzender: Bert Boekling !!!!! - maandag, 17 januari 2005 om 20:46

Top hemmo. Hoe istie. Spreek je. Groetjes aan vrouw enb zoon. Hoe ist met de marklintreinbaan

Afzender: gordon lawson - dinsdag, 14 december 2004 om 13:11

Well done... a beautiful example back on the road....

Afzender: mario a martinez - vrijdag, 10 december 2004 om 0:05

Cordoba, Argentina, December 9 2004

Your history is the history of love about the work of so many people that make each part of the men's evolution so you are the owner of a great car, but also the owner of a great peace of history too
Congratulation anth thanks

Afzender: Nicole Bentley-Tucker - zaterdag, 4 december 2004 om 5:40

If only there were more like you with a true passion for automotive works of art. Thank you for your persistence and for giving myself and others a chance to see this piece of history the way it was meant to be seen!

Afzender: Luigi Olivieri - dinsdag, 2 november 2004 om 23:05

Have you read my last message about Alfa Romeo 1750 Sport ?Park Ward?

Afzender: anne mie - zaterdag, 30 oktober 2004 om 21:11

Deze Zomer zijn we toevallig een club tegen gekomen die een toer aan het maken waren met hun MG er waren Engelse en Nederlandse auto's bij. Het was een droom, zo iets moois te mogen zien. Sindsdien kan ik die auto's niet meer uit mijn gedachten wissen. Daar mee te rijden en zo iets te bezitten moet het einde zijn. Ik zal al het mogelijke doen om er zo een in mijn bezit te krijgen. Veel groeten van Anne Mie uit België

Afzender: Peter Vassilopoulos - donderdag, 19 augustus 2004 om 17:14

Very, very impressive. I am not an owner, but a long time lover of MGs. Just followed a friend rebuild a TR3A from similar condition as your MG. It took first prize in a large British Car Show, BC, Canada.

Afzender: Chris Hawkins - woensdag, 14 juli 2004 om 22:59

I was just trawling the internet to show my son what the various MG models looked like as I "owned" an MGA from the age of 16 until I was forced to sell the car. It was in Sydney and I am stuck in England. I found the caar abandoned and in very poor condition and simply tool it over, got it road worthy and used it as my sole means of 4-wheeled transport for 15 years. I still miss it. Your story has brightened my life. I am in awe of your achievement. Thankyou for rescuing the car.

Afzender: Douglass Potts - maandag, 12 juli 2004 om 18:08

Dear Mr De Groot,

While searching for pressure gauges in order to write a technical report at 1.30 am, I eased my brain by idly searching for MG TA. Having had TAs off and on since 1965, they never cease to soothe a brain under stress.

Your story is lovely and your meeting with Mrs Ward shows just how important cars are.

I have just had a new crankshaft cast for mine and I am bracing myself to set about making a new set of Luvax shock absorbers.

Thank you very much for your web site. I tell you truly it has refreshed me.

Yours sincerely,

Douglass Potts

Afzender: giovanni longo - donderdag, 1 juli 2004 om 12:11

My compliments!

Afzender: Robert Vierbergen - vrijdag, 25 juni 2004 om 22:20

Chapeau!! Just in search for a TA or TB I stumbled over your site.
Great to see that people have enough passion to restore these unique pieces of history. Thanks

Afzender: H Partleton - zondag, 2 mei 2004 om 22:49

I enjoyed immense'ly the pleasently witty manner in which the grit and determination was shown to rebuild this wonderful car.

Afzender: Barry Marshall - woensdag, 14 april 2004 om 23:21

Thank you for sharing you experiences with "Symphony" And thank you for "doing it correctly" What a piece of Automotive history you have researched and preserved.

Afzender: Bill Davis - dinsdag, 9 maart 2004 om 21:43

What a wonderful story and great piece of MG history to have. Also your website is very well done! Regards from Tennessee. Bill.

Afzender: Denis Canty - dinsdag, 17 februari 2004 om 18:23

I really enjoyed web page.
I am the owner of a MG.TFhear in Ireland thank you good bye

Afzender: Dan Harmer - dinsdag, 3 februari 2004 om 5:35

What a great little classic. Thank you for preserving & keeping her. Too bad for the rest of us that Park Ward didn't do a series, but good for you & your "Symphony"

Afzender: george sieverts - donderdag, 29 januari 2004 om 15:37

wonderful car. must have required a great deal of dedication.

Afzender: Eberhard Persicke - woensdag, 31 december 2003 om 5:10

Dear Mr. De Groot,
congratiolations to your really exceptional car and the way you presented its history on your homepage. The work you have done is a masterpice and the whole story seems to me quite amazing.
4 weeks ago I had the opportunity to find and get a TA (1625 MPJG1881, replacement engine MPJG1731), too. It is supposed to be one of the 25 cars that have been delivered to Germany in 1937. Since the car is mechanically well maintained and except some very few details in original condition there is little for me to work on. The only thing I like to change is its present colour (tartan red). Originally it was saxe blue with blue trim. Unfortunately I could not yet find any example for that colour scheme. Perhaps saxe blue is similar to clipper blue (standard colour of post war T-series, comparable colour codes of modern paint manufacturers are available). Can you help me solving that problem? Perhaps you can make a suggestion where I can get an example of saxe blue or even a colour code comparable to modern paints.
Viele Grüsse aus Stuttgart/Germany, Eberhard Persicke

Afzender: Lock Johnston - donderdag, 11 december 2003 om 2:58

Mention of a 1938 TA in a mystery I'm reading sent me looking for it and to your site. Beautiful. I'd love to think someone somewhere has done that for my '51 TD, last seen in BC Canada in 1959

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