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Afzender: Rutger Joosten - zondag, 20 augustus 2006 om 13:35

I have looked on this web page. It's a nice car.
very beutiful.
nice web page en beuriful pictures.

greetings from

Rutger Joosten

Afzender: Larry Hamilton - dinsdag, 23 mei 2006 om 15:00

First off, your car is beautiful. I have a '77 MG-B roadster which I've restored myself, but not a frame-off restoration. I had the car in Mijmegen with me for three years, '96-'99, while working for Philips. The left-hand drive attracted a lot of attention at an MG Owners Club gathering in Swavesey, England, '97. I desire to restore an MG-TB, and am currently looking for one here in the U.S., but have been unsuccessful in finding one. I live in Northwest Arkansas, and the rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains affords for some wonderful afternoon drives. There is also a yearly event here called "The Great Race", which is a cross-country ralley that takes about two weeks to complete. My dream is to drive a T-series MG in that ralley. I'd like to establish a dialoge with you about the restoration process on your car so that I might do mine better, when and if I find one.


Afzender: Robert Simpson - maandag, 22 mei 2006 om 0:10

A stunning and very beautiful car - enjoyed your website very much.

Afzender: Jim Glueck, Ohio, USA - vrijdag, 19 mei 2006 om 22:05

Always enjoyed MGs, from my first TC 1958-59, PB 1960-64, and now another TC purchased in 2005. Good luck!

Afzender: michael ferris - dinsdag, 2 mei 2006 om 18:08

Art on wheels! You should do a book on this car. The pictures alone would tell the story.

Afzender: Bob Fenley - zaterdag, 22 april 2006 om 3:29

Such a great story. Wonderful job.

Afzender: Wilma - woensdag, 29 maart 2006 om 13:14

Hemmo, geweldig!!
Ik begrijp helemaal dat je op haar viel.
Een terechte verliefdheid!!
groeten, Wilma

Afzender: j p k - maandag, 6 maart 2006 om 3:41

thankyou for showing your lovely car! would love to see more pictures of the restoration, as this is of interest to me. thanks again.

Afzender: Jan Radefelt - dinsdag, 10 januari 2006 om 12:25

You have a lowly car !
yours ocktangonelly (?)
Jan - tc sweden

Afzender: tonny - maandag, 5 december 2005 om 23:10

vi have af morris 8 1938 touring af buitiufuel car..yours car is fantastisk beutiful maked Hej god luok..

Afzender: tonny - maandag, 5 december 2005 om 23:07

vi have af morris 8 1938 touring af buitiufuel car..

Afzender: J.T.Wentink - vrijdag, 18 november 2005 om 16:30

een mooie auto en een mooie webside. Bijzonder

Afzender: Its de Vries - vrijdag, 18 november 2005 om 0:14

Hallo Hemmo, een erg interessante en leuke site over je PW-TA, met name de foto's van voor de restauratie geven een erg goed beeld van de hoeveelheid werk die er ingestoken is.
Maar het resultaat is er dan ook naar, een unieke car!
btw.van de Hill Climbing Contest van jou samen met Frans afgelopen lustrum heb ik erg van genoten, maar maak het niet te gek.
Its (knalgeleGT)

Afzender: jaap ofman - donderdag, 17 november 2005 om 19:09

machtig mooie wagen, als je eens i de buurt van haaksbergen bent....

Afzender: berend van den broek - woensdag, 2 november 2005 om 17:40

Hemmo, ik ben al twee jaar op zoek naar een originele,niet gerestaureerde L 2.
Weet jij een contact ergens ter wereld waar ik zou kunnen informeren?

Afzender: berend van den broek - woensdag, 2 november 2005 om 17:36

Hartstikke cool man !

Afzender: Jim Davis - donderdag, 28 juli 2005 om 5:39

What patience you must have. You car is beautiful. As the original owner of a '53 TD which I restored six years ago, I can more than appreciate some of
the problems in acquiring parts and trim
pieces and mine are easy to find. Congratulations on a rare beauty. I also
have a 1909 Hupmobile model 20. This car
I have owned since 1950. The parts for
this one are not too easy to come by.
Keep up the good work. Too bad the "Park
Ward will not make it to the US. Take care.

Afzender: Glenn - maandag, 4 juli 2005 om 18:53

I've owned a 66 MGB for 27 years. Moderately restored but not used enough. Your car is fascinating. Thanks for the enjoment your site gave me!


Afzender: Jean-Marie GUIVARC'H - woensdag, 8 juni 2005 om 22:06

Thank you very much for this website; your car is marvellous...congratulations !!
In the future, we hope that we can buy an MG T; with the children we have bought a Salmson 2300 Sport ( a great car) but i have always loved the Prewar MG.
You are a lucky man.

Afzender: Tim Kroese - donderdag, 2 juni 2005 om 16:36

Hoi Hemmo,

Wat is ie toch mooi! Alles goed met jou en je gezin? Groeten Tim Kroese

Afzender: tony lowman - vrijdag, 29 april 2005 om 19:09

i am in love, this is best looking car i have ever seen.

Afzender: Bob Plaizier - donderdag, 28 april 2005 om 7:18

Hallo ik ben Bob en ik ben 5 jaar en ik vind het heel gaaf

Afzender: Keith Garrison - donderdag, 14 april 2005 om 0:34

What a fascinating account and what a beautiful car! Thank-you for sharing your unique adventure! I have a restored 53 MGTD which I drive around Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, but am in awe of your restoration! I have a friend who specializes in Model A Fords who will appreciate visiting this website also. --Keith Garrison

Afzender: jeffreynl glynn dds - vrijdag, 11 maart 2005 om 8:15

marvolus car I'm looking for a MG Tc or td t restore thanks for the photos

Afzender: Evan Trout - vrijdag, 11 maart 2005 om 4:22

You have done very well with the car. I like it very much.

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