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Afzender: Dieter Koennecke - donderdag, 10 februari 2000 om 13:12

A great work, both, this webside andthis nice car !!I'm looking forward to see you thisyear.At Essen or/and Papendal ?CheersBeste Gruesse aus DeutschlandDieter- MG newbee with an MGF-

Afzender: David Tasa - zondag, 30 januari 2000 om 14:15

I've seen your beautiful car many timesin pictures and for the first time livein Interlaken in I believe '94 (or'95).It's a pleasure to see your home pageand all the information you've lovinglyassembled for us, the MG enthusiasts. David Tasa

Afzender: Betty Dunn - zondag, 23 januari 2000 om 4:20

Afzender: Jan Raadgever - vrijdag, 21 januari 2000 om 22:18

Dear Hemmo,As a driver of a 1972 MG Midget anda member of the MG Car Club Holland,I knew your car. One year ago I purchaseda Hooper bodied Bentley Mk6 restorationproject. I was surfing for informationabout Hooper, which I didn't found onthe Internet yet. By coincidence I foundyour site and I am impressed not bythe site only but most by the beautyand the interesting story of the car.Regards, Jan Raadgever

Afzender: Renate de Walle - woensdag, 12 januari 2000 om 22:18

Hemmo & Ricky,It was really a pleasure to surf from1 page to the other... compliments!First of all for the beautiful MG, althoughit isn't a TR250 ... (Marien told meto write this down, sorry you know howobedient I am) and also for your wonderfulwebsite (content, structure, colours,music, etc!. Really a pleasure to visit.Lots of fun with the TR oeps sorry MG!Hope to meet you both again in the nearfuture.Brgds,Renate de Walle

Afzender: - zondag, 12 december 1999 om 22:18

Afzender: Wiard Krook - zondag, 12 december 1999 om 22:18

Dear Hemmo,It is not the TA special which is super(we do all have a special MG do'nt we),but your webside is something else.Excellent!!PS The remark about the MG TA Park Wardwas a joke ofcourse: one of the bestof the finest. And what's more now inthe hands of owner who respects andvaluate the MG. Have fun and I see you,Wiard Krook

Afzender: Geert Bomert - zondag, 12 december 1999 om 22:18

Beste Hemmo mijn petje af voor dit resultaat.Ik snap nog steeds niet hoe iemand hetvoor elkaar krijgt zo'n restauratieuit te voeren. Ik ben sinds twee wekenin het bezit van een TD uit '53 en hetzweet breekt me al uit bij de gedachtewaar te beginnen.Veel succes met deze prachtige prestatieGeert Bomert

Afzender: Luis Blanchard - dinsdag, 7 december 1999 om 22:18

Incredible is all I can say about yourspectacular vehicle. As fluid as andas enchanting as the most beautifulmusic one can listen to. I envy yourownership of this one.

Afzender: Kim Herford - zaterdag, 27 november 1999 om 22:18

I really enjoyed your sharing your restorationwith the world, I am working a 1953TD basket case at present and my wifeKaren and I drive a 1950 TD

Afzender: Jerry Felper - maandag, 22 november 1999 om 22:18

Great car and weg site

Afzender: Cliff - zaterdag, 20 november 1999 om 22:18

Great looking car. How much did youpay for it before restoring?I have had a 1936 MGTA myself for over31 years. Bought in Harrogate Englandin 1968. Its not restored but kind ofas i bought it. Still runs great.Cliff

Afzender: paul litz - dinsdag, 16 november 1999 om 22:18


Afzender: Marian en Jorrit van de W - zondag, 14 november 1999 om 22:18

We wisten al dat de MG TA mooi was...Maar dat de site ook zo mooi is wistenwe nog niet. Schitterend Hemmo, en zekerde moeite waard om vaker te bezoeken!Groeten,Marian en Jorrit van de Walle.

Afzender: Jilles Dissel - donderdag, 7 oktober 1999 om 22:18

Ha die Hemmo,Heel mooie site. Beelden, geluiden,foto's, etc.De auto is trouwens ook een plaatje.Ik zag enige weken terug twee gerestaureerdeMG's in Abcoude. Een van de wagens hadeen lekke band, zodat ik goed de gelegenheidhad om ze eens nader te bekijken.Ik had precies nog een onbelichte fotoover op mijn camera, zodat ik wel éénfoto heb kunnen nemen.Ik zal de foto scannen en aan je toezenden.Jij zal de auto (en de eigenaar) waarschijnlijkbeter herkennen dan ik!Tot mails!Groet,Jilles

Afzender: Geert van Dalen - woensdag, 22 september 1999 om 22:18

hele mooie site, met zer mooie foto'sheb respect voor jullie werk

Afzender: Mike Marjot - dinsdag, 21 september 1999 om 22:18

Great site. I'm jealous!Great car! I'm still jealousHope I meet you one day and get to seeyour TA 'in the flesh'.

Afzender: sjoerd kreijns - vrijdag, 10 september 1999 om 22:18

you have real great mg ta. Was you atthe first concours de elegance at paleishet loo?There was a mg ta too, the same colourand also a park ward

Afzender: Paul W. Fraser - woensdag, 25 augustus 1999 om 22:18

Bravo, what a great story. My firstcar at age 17 was a 1 year old MGTD(1953) one of the last before introductionof the TF Series.Oh, how I miss thatcar.

Afzender: Bert Baakman - maandag, 26 juli 1999 om 22:18

Dear Hemmo, Well, at last I am able to keep up withmy promise to visit your site. I wouldlike to make you an enormouw complimentwith this interesting and well builtsite. It's great! Seeing (and driving)the car in reality is always a delight,this site however really comes close.I added it to my favorites, so I willvisit your site soon again.Bert

Afzender: Craig N. Parslow - dinsdag, 13 juli 1999 om 22:18

Thank you for sharing this most unusualpiece of automotive history with us.I did read the original article in ClassicCars, and found it most interesting. I certainly hope a follow-up articlecan be done with the contributions fromMrs.Ward, and her wealth of informationshe was able to provide from memoryand priceless photo contributions onthe car. What interests me about thecar areall the accessories built into it, suchas electric windows, seats with lumbarsupport, and all the other featureswhich did not see common use until the1960's and 1970's. Congratulationsforsticking with the project until itscompletion, and preserving a very uniqueBritish motor car that was very technicallyadvanced for its time.

Afzender: Michelle Benjamins - maandag, 24 mei 1999 om 22:18

Dear Hemmo,What a masterpiece! I had not realisedthat your car was this old and beautiful.I love it! I also liked your 'full story'as it shows your passion for this car.The only thing I missed was the possibilityto click on the words of the missingpart. This would be an easy way to immediatelysee what is still missing. Also the possibility of some music whilereading would be nice. Despite theseminor pointsI must say I really enjoyed your site! greetings, Michelle

Afzender: Francisco Cascardo - maandag, 24 mei 1999 om 22:18

What a beautyful car.I have an 1994 Mini Cooper, but youris a real car.Fcascardo

Afzender: Hans Hoogendijk - woensdag, 17 maart 1999 om 22:18

Very well done Paul, you made an excellentsite!!I know that creating this site tookyou many,many hours but the result isgreat.I would like to have a similar one!Hemmo: very nice story and a wonderfulcar.I'll hope the summer will bring youa lot of opportunities to enjoy drivingin it.

Afzender: Viv James - dinsdag, 16 maart 1999 om 22:18

You've got real guts - looks like alovely restoration!!! Congratulationsfrom Cape Town

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