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 Gastenboek 1936 MG TA Park Ward Drop Head Coupé 

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Afzender: David Sheward - maandag, 18 februari 2002 om 6:36

Words alude me....fantastic.. a true masterpiece of automotive history. Makes my TF look as common as a VW in 1960! Tastefully done sir.
David from the USA.

Afzender: Dennis Leech - donderdag, 7 februari 2002 om 3:40

Wonderful car. So glad it was restored with such taste and elegance.

If you're ever in Vero Beach, Florida, we would love to have you show it with our local AACA club Show.

Afzender: Gene Gillam - zondag, 27 januari 2002 om 4:32

What a beautiful car - and what a nice website. Thanks for taking the time to make both well worth viewing..

Afzender: Maggie Conway - maandag, 21 januari 2002 om 19:12

VERY interesting!! I love unusual cars, and this is one! My comment would be that, once again, someone names their car, and the car is always female! (Ex-husband & I had a '71 MG named Morris, and he'd say, "Oh, Morris is definitely female! She's fussy, emotional, expensive...!" - Maggie

Afzender: kurt herold - maandag, 21 januari 2002 om 1:14

Your car is absolutely awesome.
I am refinishing my uncles 1948 mgtc right hand drive #5680, engine number xpag 6069. We are on a very low budget, so I have made patch panels for her, and used quite a bit of filler, but my uncle is getting old and wants to just enjoy the car he had stored since 1862 in his garage. Enjoy your beauty!!!
Kurt--- Rochester, NY USA

Afzender: Bob Welch - maandag, 14 januari 2002 om 17:18

You have a beautiful car and have done a fantastic job bringing forth the message on your website.

Safety Fast

Bob Welch
MGCC Western New York (

Afzender: Charles Woodworth - maandag, 14 januari 2002 om 17:07

What a great story, and a testament to perseverence. Your web site is fantastic. I enjoyed every page, and photograph.
I doubt that I could ever complete such a project, but I am glad there are enthusiasts that are willing to preserve an important piece of MG history. Well done!

Afzender: Peter A. Lee - maandag, 14 januari 2002 om 4:19

As an owner and restorer of MG's I can appreciate all the work involved with the TA. It's great to see such a unique vehicle brought back to its former glory. If you are interested two of my wehicles can be seen on my website <> Regards, Peter.

Afzender: Ron Benson - zondag, 13 januari 2002 om 22:31

Never knew this car existed Excellent restotation and site. I finished my TB last year so can imagine the problems you had!

Afzender: John Hugh - zondag, 13 januari 2002 om 19:11


Congratulations! Great web site, unique and very beautiful car and a restoration saga to frighten any bank manager and impress any enthusiast.

John Hugh

Afzender: Joris Bergsma - zondag, 13 januari 2002 om 14:36

The site is almost as beautiful as the car!
kind regards, Joris Bergsma, editor PreWarCar, the daily magazine & marketplace for pre 1940 cars.

Afzender: greg perigo - zaterdag, 15 december 2001 om 21:16

Beautiful! One of the finest pieces of automotive artistry I have ever seen, regardless of marque.

Afzender: wouter holenberg - woensdag, 21 november 2001 om 23:05

hoi hemmo, Ik heb twee foto's gekopieerd voor mijn dia-serie als schermbeveiliging. Hele mooie site heb je. Groeten!

Afzender: charmaine & kevin - dinsdag, 18 september 2001 om 2:30

simply georgious!! thank you for sharing your great prize with us.

Afzender: Bob Johnson - zaterdag, 1 september 2001 om 2:53

Well done, Hemmo!!! Simply excellent!!!Thank you for your dedication and perseverance to collect the documentation and to accomplish the saving of this unique car for posterity This is what the historic car hobby is all about.

Afzender: Harvey Jobe - zaterdag, 1 september 2001 om 1:21

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I own a 1970 MGB Roadster which I bought new. I long for a TA, TB or TC. Thanks for the great web site. Harvey Jobe, Monmouth, Oregon, USA.

Afzender: Frans Wessels - vrijdag, 31 augustus 2001 om 14:09

Hemmo, Bedankt voor het aanbod voor hulp bij de reparatie van mijn TC achteras. Prachtige wagen, hopelijk zien we elkaar binnenkort.

Afzender: Paul Richardson - woensdag, 29 augustus 2001 om 18:28

Very inovative website! But, the car made it interesting. It is a beautiful car!

Afzender: Ed Alvarez - maandag, 1 januari 2001 om 10:00

As an MG fan -fell in love with one D type in 1955- I enjoyed your web page immensely. Alas, all I have from those cars is a Franklin Mint scale model. Yours is a beautiful idea, beautiful car of a bygone era. Cheers!

Afzender: francesca gagliardi - donderdag, 9 augustus 2001 om 15:39

I can onyl say W O W !!!

Afzender: Jeff Redman - woensdag, 8 augustus 2001 om 16:00

I am stunned... what a beautiful motorcar. I have seen other fleeting photographs of the car, but to visit your site and see it in detail was a feast! A question: what is the weight of the complete car as opposed to a standard TA, I wonder. I have a Tickford bodied TA, and it is markedly inferior in performance compared to the standard factory-bodied TA I once owned. But does it all matter... simply, your MG is just superb!

Afzender: Jeff Redman - woensdag, 8 augustus 2001 om 15:54

I am stunned... what a beautiful motorcar. I have seen other fleeting photographs of the car, but to visit your site and see detail was a feast!

Afzender: theo jansen - dinsdag, 19 juni 2001 om 21:10

fraaie site ,dito auto. met myn 'B' ging de restouratie veel makkelyker. vriendelyke groet, theo jansen

Afzender: Tony Goodall - zaterdag, 9 juni 2001 om 22:43

I am truly moved. Your love and dedication to this project and the history it has opened up makes me understand why I persevere with my own T type. We are the custodians of living history. If Irevisit Holland I hope I will get a chance to meet you and see Symphony.

Afzender: Doug Vernon - donderdag, 8 maart 2001 om 20:05

I believe that the time has finally arrived to place this beauty of a car into production. Doug Vernon

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