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Afzender: Ivar Engerud - dinsdag, 11 november 2003 om 19:13

I saw your delicate MG in the english magazines when it was restored. It is so fantastic in all proportions and details.
Beeing at Mille Miglia last year, I had the pleasure to see it live - and I was not disappointed.
We stayed in Sirmeone the days before the race, and I saw it outside the city wall in the evening. I was tempted to photograph it placing the camera at a stble surface. I got some nice (but different) results I would like to show you. I have scanned the pictures, but there is no way I can attach the photos to the text in the guestbook. So if you send me your e-mail adress I will supply them in a separate mail.
I think you got a parking ticket while I was there - and the 30 second shot of the man around the car is something special I can promise...

So please take contact and I will supply them to you.

Your sincerely

Ivar Engerud

Afzender: Dale A. Livingston - vrijdag, 3 oktober 2003 om 22:47

I am very impressed with your endeavor and the results are magnificent.As a TC owner and restorer I am very aware of all the trials and tribulations you have encountered during the reserrection of Symphony. This has to be the most unique M G of all. Maybe some day I will be priviledged to see the car in person.Thanks for sharing you experience and preserving history.

Afzender: Elena - maandag, 28 juli 2003 om 12:25

Great site you made, Alex. Now I understand what you were talking about. XXXXXXX Elena

Afzender: Nigel Malyan - dinsdag, 3 juni 2003 om 21:48

A fascinating car and stunning result. How fortunate to find such a rare piece of MG history. Enjoy driving her.

Afzender: Don Rodriguez - maandag, 2 juni 2003 om 21:37

What a great feeling it must be to own a piece of history! The car is outstanding and what an appropriate name. It is a "Symphony" in design. World War II had ended and I was still in elementary school when I saw my first MG. What it was doing in Southern Texas, I don't know, but to me that MG was a piece of magic. I still judge all sports cars by the first one that I saw.

Afzender: Hugh Nutting - maandag, 26 mei 2003 om 11:10

Well Done! nice web site GREAT RESTORATION.

Afzender: Ron Gowdy - maandag, 14 april 2003 om 5:52

Great restoration and rare!

Afzender: Dave - zondag, 13 april 2003 om 9:55

A fascinating story about a truly beautiful MG.

Afzender: Chris Dowling - zondag, 13 april 2003 om 0:13

What beautiful car just glorious

Afzender: David Heywood-Jones - zaterdag, 5 april 2003 om 4:29

Fantastic story. Beautiful automobile. As a former MG TC owner (also had 2 MGAs, one at a time) I fully appreciate the modern, yet timeless look of your lovely Symphony.

Naples, Florida, USA

Afzender: Hans van Holt - maandag, 31 maart 2003 om 22:35

Tolle Web-Side für ein tolles Auto!!!!

Afzender: Carsten Olm - zondag, 23 maart 2003 om 19:58

Hello Hemmo!
I think (or I hope) you know, who I am 'cause you saw me nearly the whole week...
I visited yor homepage because I was very interested in your MG. The presentation in the internet is very nice and worth to visit and the car....

I hope I see you next year


Afzender: Hans Bronkhorst - zondag, 16 maart 2003 om 20:25

Al zo vaak gezien, maar hij blijft mooi en bijzonder.
Groetjes, Elma, Hans en de meiden.

Afzender: PAUL TURNER - zondag, 9 maart 2003 om 7:04


Afzender: Oscar Cairoli - maandag, 10 februari 2003 om 21:57

Great car. I love MGs. Thank you for the great pictures.

Afzender: andy towert in Canada - donderdag, 6 februari 2003 om 8:15

What a happy experience to discover your website and make my way carefully through it. A delightful and fascinating account, with a work of high art and craft to show for it! A tip-top adventure story complete with heroic persistence in the face of huge hardships - and heavy draws on your pocketbook, courageously borne! A lovely car, a lovely story - I shan't forget Charles, Joy or, bless him, PIET! Thanks a million for sharing.

Afzender: ellsworth d roach jr. - woensdag, 5 februari 2003 om 20:07

isure did enjoy seeing your car it is really great to see them restored.keep upthe good work.thanks for letting us see it

Afzender: Roger Bragger - woensdag, 15 januari 2003 om 22:49

Wonderful car, wonderful web site. In 1999 I purchased a 1936 TA chassis 0418 that had been fully restored between 1985 and 1989. I have since purchased another one "a basket case" similar to the condition yours was in. However the wood frame was completely rotton. Chassis number of this one 1237, I hope to complete it by next year. Please visit my web site

Many thanks


Afzender: carles ampuy - zaterdag, 4 januari 2003 om 22:36

que lo pueda disfrutar durante muchos años. es un coche soberbio

Afzender: Mervyn Mackey - donderdag, 26 december 2002 om 23:04

You have just made me a very jealous MG lover I have 2 TD's of which one of them is as new but you have knocked the socks of them both with this unusual wee beauty.If only the modern motor car was even half as pretty as your machine.Hope you have lots of happy years motoring in her.Best wishes and a happy new year.

Afzender: Jules Hendriks - vrijdag, 20 december 2002 om 17:37

Zoals beloofd even een kijkje genomen op jullie side. Een hele mooie auto en je hebt niets teveel gezegd. Als je dit leest ben je zeker al op wintersport, ik hoop dat er veel sneeuw ligt en jullie een fijne vakantie hebben. Wij hebben een goede terugvlucht gehad en half uur eerder geland. Ik had gelukkig een upgrading naar bussiness class dus heerlijk luxe. Het was erg gezellig en hoop je weer te zien op de vakantie beurs. Ik sta ik de TUI stand op de vakdag. Groetjes

Afzender: philippe delattin - vrijdag, 13 december 2002 om 9:47

i'am trying to find a body-off restaured car
nice car, and beautifull work done congratulations

Afzender: Carl Schenken - maandag, 2 december 2002 om 0:31

You did an excellent job making this website. It's the best site for an antique car so far. Keep up the good work. Beautifull car!

Afzender: alan dunford - dinsdag, 26 november 2002 om 17:04

what a fabulous restoration job ! a really impressive final output for a masterpiece car.
congratulations on the web site as well, very complete and interesting.

Afzender: Len Star - woensdag, 6 november 2002 om 20:56

Am having a TB Tickford restored. Your car is a work of art.

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