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Afzender: W7IAN - donderdag, 25 mei 2006 om 16:55

Heard you on May 25 around 1400utc on 20 cw but couldnt break pile up, will try again next time.
Good Dx Ian W7IAN

Afzender: Gordon - woensdag, 24 mei 2006 om 5:15

I sure hope I can find you on the bands. I NEED 4W toward my DXCC count. Have fun and again, Hope I can find you on.

Afzender: Hardy - zondag, 21 mei 2006 om 13:07

4W would be a new one on all bands/modes for me. I have worked it only on satellite AO40.
Unfortunately according to the time schedule and my simple vertical antenna along with 100 Watts only I do not believe to have a chance in the expected pileup
Hardy DC8TS

Afzender: Chris Heller - vrijdag, 21 april 2006 om 0:30

Thanks for taking the time to operate and give out contacts. It was a pleasure to work you on RTTY. Hope to see you on CW.

Afzender: Wim - donderdag, 20 april 2006 om 22:51

Ha Michael, langs deze weg wil ik je bedanken voor de verbinding van zojuist, helaas weet niet iedereen wat split betekent en zaten ze dus over jouw signaal heen en kon ik je antwoord niet helemaal volgen. Maar het is toch gelukt. Veel succes daar gewenst. 73 de PA3GMM

Afzender: Peter - donderdag, 20 april 2006 om 22:47

Many thanks for nice contact
Best regards

Afzender: Seli TF3AO - donderdag, 20 april 2006 om 22:35

Hi Michael, VY nice to work you on 20M RTTY this evening. Know you are working on good things down there. Keep on. 73 Seli

Afzender: Lluis - donderdag, 20 april 2006 om 22:14

Tnx new One in RTTY! very good signals in North East Spain 73

Afzender: JA1HGY, Nao - donderdag, 20 april 2006 om 1:29

Thanks QSO on 30m RTTY at Apl.19 20:47z.
But Your RTTY's shignal is QRH 10146 +/- 200Hz.
Pse Check AFC.
Thanks 73

Afzender: NAK - woensdag, 19 april 2006 om 22:51

Thank you for nice QSO on RTTY on 30m.
See you 40 & 20 DIGITAL-mode soon.

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