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Afzender: Michael, PA5M - donderdag, 10 augustus 2006 om 4:56

Dear all,

I almost reached the end of my mission for the World Food Programme of the United Nations.
In total I spend 5 weeks in 4W.
In general the working conditions are not too bad.
The unrest, as happened in May has calmed down, but hasn't been solved yet.
So precausion is still wanted, specially when it's dark.
That's one of the reasons I couldn't be more active after working hours.
The 9 hours time difference with GMT didn't make it better either.
However I did what I could do on the hamradio part.
Sorry for those who couldn't make it in the log until now.....
But I hope to be active this weekend and try to give as must NEW stations there 4W contact.

Thank you very much for all your comments on this page and hope to meet you soon, where ever that might be in the world !

73e Michael

Afzender: UA6JD Vlad - dinsdag, 8 augustus 2006 om 18:56

Thanks 20/30 meters RTTY QSOs
Just check log and all QSOs is OK
Thanks new one RTTY
will QSL direct
73 Vlad

Afzender: Jose - dinsdag, 8 augustus 2006 om 11:15

Nice to see some photos of Timor-Leste, I see very familar places. I also operated from the WFP office before I moved the station to my house close to the cathedral. Keep well, Jose CT1EEB former 4W6EB

Afzender: Wino, PA0ABM - zaterdag, 5 augustus 2006 om 20:30

Bedankt voor het QSO (24 Mc) op mijn 41e trouwdag. Werkte met trap dipool en 100 Watt.
Tot ziens op de HF dag in Apeldoorn
73, Wino

Afzender: F5SXD - Chris - zaterdag, 5 augustus 2006 om 15:06

Many thanks for the 17 meter qso today. It's new one for me on this band. Thank you. My best regards. Take care, Chris F5SXD.

Afzender: Eric G0CGL - zaterdag, 5 augustus 2006 om 14:44

Tnx QSO 12mtrs 5 Aug 0625z. Good contact but not in your log. However you are in my log so I suppose that matters most. 73 de Eric G0CGL.

Afzender: Nob / JE2QYZ - dinsdag, 1 augustus 2006 om 14:45

Hello Michael. I thank you for the nice QSO on 20mCW. I looked the QSO on "on-line log". I respect you and your activities (include radio amateur) as one of a member of WFP. Well, I do hope that you will go to Timor Leste's coastal island during you stay in Timor Leste for the Island Chaser in the world, if possible. After 4W6GH/P, I cannot listen the signals from there. Thank you. My best regards!

Afzender: JA3UCO Koh-HOSOKAWA - dinsdag, 1 augustus 2006 om 14:22

I am JA3UCO, KOH . IOTA-Chasers in JAPAN.

PSE PSE operating from one of the off shore islands for IOTA such as Pulua Atauro or Alor [ OC-232 for IOTA ] OC-232 is rare IOTA IN THE WORLD!! ONLY ONE QRV IN 2000,as 4W6GH/P.

Afzender: Fred K. Stenger - zondag, 30 juli 2006 om 11:54

Please consider operating from one of the off shore islands for IOTA such as Pulua Atauro or Alor [ OC-232 for IOTA ]............73 Fred N6AWD

Afzender: Bill Meeker - zaterdag, 29 juli 2006 om 12:28

Thanks for the 30 meter qso this morning. New country for me. 73, Bill K0KT

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