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Afzender: HellFeet - maandag, 24 maart 2008 om 10:01

Ok. Had seen that (the nont functional yet) but i thought it was just something that wasn't removed during your last update of the game. It's a shame, but something i can live with atm. (Although some of the player-made quests are just too difficult by far without the use of spells) Any idea on when this will work? Don't want to rush you into things, but I just really love to play your version of the HQ game. It by far most represents the actual bg that I so love to play .

Is there anything we (the players) can do to help you??

Greetings HellFeet
(Groeten uit Hellevoetsluis)

Afzender: HellFeet - zondag, 23 maart 2008 om 13:37

Hmmm, encountered more spells that don't work. The [Genie] for example. Both healing spells don't work either. Is the problem a known one??

Commentaar van de webmaster:

I am afraid spells don't work yet, only the spell selection and targeting work in the work-in-progress version. The spell selection menu displays 'not functional' on the top.

Afzender: HellFeet - zaterdag, 22 maart 2008 om 23:05

Great thing you've done creating the HQ game. One question tho. I've come up with a problem that the healings spell get cast but don't heal the actual damage. Anyone else got this problem??

Working on a series of quests of my own now. Will send them to you when the campaign is done.


Greetings HellFeet (Hellevoet-sluis )

Afzender: David Innes - zaterdag, 15 maart 2008 om 21:01

Hello again; Gerwin; thanks for your help. I've managed to increase the content level and modify objects in the hquest.qpf file. However, I still can't get the frozen monsters (side 6, I think) or the Ogres to show up in the "generate content" editor. Is there something in the "dungeon" section of hquest.cfg (or in hquest.qpf) that I can modify to get them in? Thanks again!

Afzender: David Innes - vrijdag, 14 maart 2008 om 0:02

Greetings from Canada! I love this HeroQuest program and I am wondering how to include all the monsters (frozen & ogres, as well as the regular ones) in the "generate content" section of the editor. Thanks for any help!

Commentaar van de webmaster:

The generate content function is the same one that populates the magic dungeon. You can set the level of the enemies in the editor with the insert/delete key. Unfortunately the generate content function is mostly hardcoded beceause I had to tweak proper placement of furniture and traps quite a bit.

Afzender: Reyth - vrijdag, 8 februari 2008 om 20:54

Ok sent.

Sorry for the double post 9.9


Afzender: Reyth - vrijdag, 8 februari 2008 om 11:50

Hi I think I've done a few unusual things with the Heroquest editor. I have the first part of my epic "The Summoning: Liysor's Revenge" zipped up to submit if Gerwin wanted to take a look at it.

Anyway how do I submit a quest to Gerwin?



Commentaar van de webmaster:

Hello Reyth, Just send the zip file to my email address, displayed on the start page of this website. Gerwin

Afzender: Jan - maandag, 14 januari 2008 om 19:18

mooie site hoor ,

Afzender: turusov @ - vrijdag, 28 december 2007 om 22:32

All files on their own plases, but error message although are writing. So sad, i wery liked this game many years ago on ZX.

Commentaar van de webmaster:

I am thinking maybe the program has a problem with cyrillic (russian) characters in the path/location on your harddisk in which the game resides. If you place the game in c:\hquest it might work?

Afzender: Dmitry - woensdag, 26 december 2007 om 21:32

Loading HeroQuest writes something wrong about bmp_fnt.dat. Game don't work. What could be matter?

Afzender: Jack - vrijdag, 21 december 2007 om 23:56

Heb nu net heroquest gedownload, heel fijn! Maar je zou er echt voor moeten zorgen dat de spells werken ! Ik heb die van JC maar ja er zijn maar 3 quests voor ...

Afzender: Rudy76 - donderdag, 13 december 2007 om 10:27

Hello i'm italian and i love.. heroquest since i'have 12 yeras old (i lovo also Sapce crisade (in taly Spacequest). congratulations for your jop it's impressive... i wainting for the final release (with spell, disarm trap ecc) and i think that you can find a pubbliher for you ecxellent game..
Great Gerwin

Afzender: Berend Jan - maandag, 26 november 2007 om 23:10

Je spel is gratis spel nr. 32 op van harte. Ik hoop dat het veel blije mensen trekt :)...

Ik heb veel plezier aan je HQ versie beleefd dank je daarvoor (ik beleef nog veel plezier aan deze versie)...

Afzender: breakpoint - dinsdag, 20 november 2007 om 0:17

hi again, tried to change res in cfg but the board shrinks, i see you have made the original quest pack as the 1990 version ;). Instead of player editing the cfg, would it be possible to write options into main code? And (sorry) could you put the load game option on the first menu? (otherwise i have to start a game to then just load my save game)... again.. fantasic work!!

Afzender: breakpoint - zondag, 18 november 2007 om 21:27

Thanks for creating a digital version of HQ, has inspired me to buy the original BG on ebay!i'll make a *dungeon* or too... also any plans to include resolution support for widescreen display and an installer? Keep up the great work... do you accept donations?

Commentaar van de webmaster:

Usually it are people with memories of the boardgame that tend to play my pc-game. Glad to have introduced you to this great boardgame. Thanks for your kind offer of donating, yet your feedback is good enough for me.

PS: You can tweak the resolution setting inside hquest.cfg with a text editor.

Afzender: Ogre2020 - zondag, 7 oktober 2007 om 18:46

Never mind, Wouldn't you know that directly after I post a comment like the previous one, it would suddenly work with the click of the mouse, I swear it wasn't working a minite ago, (hitting self in the head with a shovel )

Commentaar van de webmaster:

No problem,
Watch out with that shovel though ;)

Afzender: Ogre2020 - zondag, 7 oktober 2007 om 16:34

I don't want to sound like a dufus, but I often do, so how do I change the color of a door in the editor...

Afzender: jane - zondag, 16 september 2007 om 13:46

excellent game, very well done. i use to play HQ and i still play AHQ. i will try to make some quests.
would like to add some new sounds, graphics and some fx though.
you did a very good job programming it, seems very solid so far. thanks for a great program.

Afzender: kevin - vrijdag, 31 augustus 2007 om 20:34

Would you mind if I uploaded your alternate Earth map for use on Landgrab, an online risk-style domination game? All map credit goes to you, of course!

Commentaar van de webmaster:

With proper credits I would not mind you uploading it there. I had the same question from an Isaac (freedomofreality--yahoo--com) a few days ago, yet was not at home to answer. I would appreciate it if you could give me your email address so I can reach you.
After playtesting the map earlier I was thinking of adding a connection between Eastern Australia and Greenland, then raise the points of Uistralia
from 2 to 3. But I never came to do that.

Afzender: Vecna - zondag, 19 augustus 2007 om 18:51

Hi! I would like to translate in italian your great game. You think to add some file to localize the interface in the future?

Commentaar van de webmaster:

@ vecna: I have thought about language files before.
I will see if I can find an easy way when I have time for heroquest again.

@ max: sorry but I make no attempts to keep things backward compatible with hquest-JC. That version of the game is older and no longer worked on by the author.

Afzender: Max - donderdag, 16 augustus 2007 om 11:54

I love this game, but the new missions won't work with the juan carlos version!! Why?

Afzender: Aniruddha - zaterdag, 14 juli 2007 om 23:53


Heroquest ziet er echt te gek uit! Is er misschien een klein kansje dat je deze game ook voor Linux gaat uitbrengen?

Afzender: Andre Klee - maandag, 2 juli 2007 om 13:55

currently I make a short campaign for your HQ game. this editor is very simple (also for making material for other rpg), it provides - at same time - less and more as the original.

my game will be a parody of the regular game.
maybe you could get ideas for later versions (i have 2.08e)
but there is anything what i couldn't set as wished:
- for the first mission, i would need the brave-edition-map
- there could be more soldiers and people, at least so much female civils as males
- symbol for a boat and water on that you can walk ...

Afzender: John Von Draugr - zondag, 24 juni 2007 om 9:03

I have been playing your Heroquest game on and off now for a few years or so. Everytime I load it up, I get addicted to it all over again. You have done GREAT work!

I do have some ideas that I'd like to mention. I hope you don't mind.

1. Have you ever thought about making a computer version of TSR's boardgame "Dungeon"? It is similar to HerosQuest. I love Dungeon, but sadly, have not seen a computer version of that game. There was an old Apple IIe version, but I'd love to see a modern remake with the same excellence in design as your HeroQuest program.

2. Any thoughts on adding more tiles and art work to HQ? Might be cool to be able to add new and exciting monsters.


Commentaar van de webmaster:

Thank you John!

1) this would be the game you are talking about:
looks interesting, Not a square grid of the board though. I will read the rules maybe will find interesting ideas.
Though don't count on me doing another game soon...
Heroquest took enough hours as it is and needs plenty more ;)
2) I have got some ideas, like adding trees and some other furniture. The enemies could use some variety in behaviour too, indeed.

Afzender: Annemieke - zaterdag, 14 april 2007 om 21:17

Hoi Ik je tekeningen gezien.. Ze zijn echt mooi! Ik hou zelf ook van tekenen en schilderen en van sprookjes en elven e.d. Maar ik ben er jammer genoeg niet zó goed in.. Nou ik wilde eigenlijk alleen maar zeggen dat ze Geweldig zijn!!

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