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Afzender: sanrira - vrijdag, 6 augustus 2004 om 8:58

ich hab eure seite beim surfen gefunden und muß sagen echt cool
schöne grüße bis bald

Afzender: sam - woensdag, 4 augustus 2004 om 11:26

le côté me plaît Super beaux salue véritablement bien à tous enlève cornait toujours bien

Afzender: I - donderdag, 29 juli 2004 om 0:28

I was surfing the internet when I found your website. Your website is very good, I am glad to put my step on it. I send you and your visitors my best greetings.

Afzender: silke - donderdag, 22 juli 2004 om 12:06

what a nice holliday

Afzender: Essam Altawil - woensdag, 21 juli 2004 om 16:15

dear. Iwill be be coming wjth my wife my doughter 17 and my son 14 years old, to visit your beautiful country. We will arraive Buffalo New york Air port on the 5th aug 2004 And We planing to stay in Canada Up to The 19 aug 2004 .We would like to stay in nigara falls Canada up to Monday Morning. Than we want to take the tour bus to Toronto/ Ottawa/ Montreal and return to Nigara falls Canada. Max. stay in Toronto is 02 days/Max. stay in Ottawa is 02 days/ Max. stay in Montreal is 05 days . pls. Staying in Nigara falls Canada Should be water view. Thanx

Afzender: Katarina - maandag, 19 juli 2004 om 11:15

Arrière un! À première vue mal le latéral... n'espère pas voir plus... jusqu'à bientôt

Afzender: Laura - maandag, 19 juli 2004 om 11:12

Rear one! At first sight badly the side... does not hope to see more... until soon

Afzender: Lammie - dinsdag, 13 juli 2004 om 19:44

Nu of ik genoten heb van uw reizen, vooral het verslag er bij, mooi hoor. Groetjes Oma Lammie

Afzender: Alessandra and Antonio - dinsdag, 6 juli 2004 om 21:34

complimenti! your web site is very nice. We are planning a journey like yours and your report is very usefull.

Alessandra e Antonio

Afzender: ordreys - maandag, 28 juni 2004 om 21:29

Very informed and interesting comments!
Greetings from me!!

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