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Afzender: Lee Vierling - donderdag, 9 december 2004 om 1:53

Hello Mark,

Would you mind if I used your images of Toronto's skyline (night and day) for an educational lesson I am writing for elementary students to help them learn about light and photography? Thanks very much.


Afzender: Donna in Nanaimo - zaterdag, 27 november 2004 om 1:42

I followed your tour itinerary with interest. I was disappointed to see that JonView missed stopping in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island. It's way less touristy than Victoria, has an accessible waterfront where you can walk on the docks among the boats, is close to nature (the city sits on the foothills of a mountain) and you can rub shoulders with the friendly locals when you stop and shop in historic downtown.
We also have the only remaining Hudson's Bay Company Bastion left in North America, built in 1853. You can visit a small island by footferry in the harbour that was a 1930's Canadian Pacific Railway resort. There is great hiking and lots of history-coal mining, sandstone quarries, remnants of a Japanese herring saltery and more! There is a spot 2 km from downtown where you can watch Canadian beavers at close range and there are rare birds nesting there(Virginia Rails and American Bitterns among others). Two days ago a black bear and 2 cubs were behind our house!
If you come with a group, let me know ahead of time and I can show you around!

Afzender: Nicki - woensdag, 24 november 2004 om 8:56

This is a great page and its seems you had a great time!!! If its not too much trouble, could you please e-mail me the web address of the company you took the tour with. Thanks!!!

Afzender: Sabrina - maandag, 15 november 2004 om 16:44

Wer suchet der findet..nicht war..MS...!!! Immer schön weiter suchen. Ich werde Dich verewigen...Knutscher!!!!!!!!

Afzender: steve - zondag, 14 november 2004 om 19:47

very nice site, good luck to you.
steve myers, munich - germany

Afzender: roslyn newbury - vrijdag, 5 november 2004 om 10:27

I was searching for images on Lake Louise as our daughter has just gone there to work for the winter season. I am very impressed by your website. We are Australians, living in Brisbane. My husband and I lived in the US in 1979/80 and took trips to Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa. We really enjoyed looking through your photographs. Thank you.

Afzender: Ron de Graaf - dinsdag, 19 oktober 2004 om 15:17

Hopelijk komt het Hawaii gedeelte nog een keer af

Afzender: Jeff - zaterdag, 16 oktober 2004 om 3:04

Wonderful pictures that bring up many fond memories, for I'm Canadian. Just wanted to thank you for putting it all online :)

Afzender: isGUN - woensdag, 13 oktober 2004 om 20:59

hey... also wenn das mal keine schöne seite ist, dann weiss ich auch nicht !
;-) jetzt mal ernst, sie ist wirklich sehr gut gelungen!
wünsche weiterhin viel erfolg und spass.

Afzender: Robert H Fender Jr - donderdag, 7 oktober 2004 om 23:05

Very good web site. What is the name of the Touring Company?

Any one going to visit California? Drop me an email:


From California

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